20 Best Tactical Backpack Reviews

Whether you are military personnel, survivalist, trekker or even a hiker, you can better understand the importance of a tactical backpack. In the wild surrounding, where hardly sunshine finds and without warning rain can beat you anytime. In this scenario, best tactical backpack comes in handy to return you from your mission in peace: something as we prefer more practical, tougher, efficient and most importantly adaptable.

Tactical backpacks are made with waterproof fabrics and sleek design to withstand most tough and worst condition. We have compiled best tactical backpack reviews to guide you to pick the perfect one for your need.

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bag Backpacks…
SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack, 24.2-Liter, Clay Brown
LHI Military Tactical Backpack for Men 35L Army Assault Pack Bug Out Bag Molle Rucksack with Reflector for Hiking, Work, Outdoor Activities and Daily Use - Tan
REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bag Backpacks…
SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack, 24.2-Liter, Clay Brown
LHI Military Tactical Backpack for Men 35L Army Assault Pack Bug Out Bag Molle Rucksack with Reflector for Hiking, Work, Outdoor Activities and Daily Use - Tan
REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bag Backpacks…
REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bag Backpacks…
SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack, 24.2-Liter, Clay Brown
SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack, 24.2-Liter, Clay Brown
LHI Military Tactical Backpack for Men 35L Army Assault Pack Bug Out Bag Molle Rucksack with Reflector for Hiking, Work, Outdoor Activities and Daily Use - Tan
LHI Military Tactical Backpack for Men 35L Army Assault Pack Bug Out Bag Molle Rucksack with Reflector for Hiking, Work, Outdoor Activities and Daily Use - Tan

In this article, we are designed to discuss details information related to tactical backpacks. Even though, the name suggests it is a review-based article. Nevertheless, we will try to provide as much information as possible.

What is a Tactical Backpack?

A tactical backpack is somewhat a military style pack. This kind of bag designed to give military personnel, hunters, campers, emergency services, climbers and others are ready to carry essential gears in order to stay on top of conditions.

The backpack is the most basic element of tactical equipment. Indeed, a tactical backpack can differ from other backpacks in terms of durability, compartmentalized and performance. Besides, it also has pockets and pouches that help to organize the gear meticulously for easy access.


Moreover, the tactical backpack needs to stand up in various combat situations than another backpack. For the reason, it was designed to be more rugged than a civilian bag.

Different types of tactical backpacks

There are mainly 3 types of tactical backpacks. In the list you can choose from,

  • Tactical MOLLE Backpacks

MOLLE means Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. As this backpack has made with MOLLE so, its call “Tactical MOLLE Backpack”. Especially, military forces like USA and NATO used this backpack.

Modula design is one of the notable features of this pack. With help of this, you can customize your pack according to your special equipment. Furthermore, you can also attach pouches or modules to make it more versatile.

  • Tactical Sling Backpack

This type of backpack is perfect for school and the ones who attend classes. Sling backpack has built to carry all the books in a large compartment and pockets to store small items. In addition, single sling design allows users to hang it on one shoulder. Moreover, its durability, ample space and waterproof quality makes it one of the preferred backpack.

  • Tactical Laptop Backpack

The tactical laptop backpack is primarily designed to protect sensitive electronic devices like a laptop. Beside durable and sturdy, this pack comes with extra padding to keep your devices more secure. Moreover, it guarantees you for the best protection regardless of any weather condition. Because of extremely waterproof design.

Who Needs Tactical Backpack most?

Tactical backpacks are becoming an overwhelming and more widespread product for military use as well as civilian life. Survivalist backpackers require a backpack that can stand up in any rough conditions. This group needs a best tactical backpack based on durability, rugged and most importantly it can perform in any combat situations. Apart from that, many people choose tactical backpack as a regular use and appreciate the convenient design function. They mainly focus the storage capacity, layer compartments and versatile quality of backpacks.

Overall, everyone like school used to survivalist all can use the tactical backpack. However, one thing differs in a backpack that military use is designed more rugged than a civilian. As a military user faces more tough situations so, they need a backpack that can tolerate more abuse.

Tactical Backpack vs Hiking Backpack

Well, the debate between tactical vs hiking backpack. If you are tried to specify the difference, probably you have found more answers than you’re awaited for. We will try to clear it up for you.

Hiking Backpack

Hiking backpack is highly strong, lightweight, and comfortable to carry. If you’re planning for a long distance journey, where tiredness becomes an issue, likely this backpack style is best to consider.

Tactical Backpack

On the contrary, while an organization is your main concern, this tactical style pack can be a good option. Usually, these packs are super durable, quite heavy, and can carry through rough conditions. You can easily organize and attach additional stuff directly to the bag.

Tactical vs Hiking Backpack

The one major difference between tactical and hiking backpack has attachment points and MOLLE webbing. The tactical backpack comes with this amazing feature using MOLLE or ALICE system, where you can attach magazine, accessories, and utility pouches right of the pack.

Another thing is hiking packs try to go along with individual persons. Tactical packs are designs to cover average soldiers with no adjustment in place when hiking packs boost various sizes including adjustment and torso length nearly everyone.  It also offers shoulder harness and hip belt so that you can set the pack in your taste.

However, tactical backpacks are more durable and cheaper than hiking packs but they come with lots of features. In truth, hiking packs are far more fashionable but tactical one is like everywhere so it does not attract much attention.

In short, both of these styles have some benefits and drawbacks as well. So, choose one that suits your unique needs.


How Do I Pick the Best Tactical Backpack?

Once you decided to purchase a tactical backpack there are several points you need to look out when selecting just one. From various options, you can choose depending on what you want from a backpack. However, certain important points highlighted below to guide you:


Tactical backpack with MOLLE compatible is just a great combination for backpack lovers. MOLLE system is designed for harsh and rough terrain conditions. Using this system, you can attach knives, magazine pouches, multi-tools, and other items to the rucksack, load-bearing vests, and tactical backpacks.

MOLLE webbing allows users to attach other pouches to make it perfect to organize the gears.  Well, not all the MOLLE packs are the same. So, in this case first, you need to decide how much stuff you need to attach to your gear. Another thing is the packs have enough attachment to fit your requirements.


A tactical backpack should come with a well-planned interior design. You need different sizes outer and inner pockets as well as compartments to store your gear easily. At the same time, get access all the equipment with less fuel. In some cases, many compartments can face you some crucial situation where you might forget your packed things.

In terms of organization backpacks can be categorized into 2 sections,

  • Top Loaders : Tactical Sling and Tactical Laptop Backpack can fall into this section. These backpacks are lighter and smaller because of few compartments. Apart from their lightness, these are enough flexible and can carry electronics devices. In addition, in these backpacks, you can store enough gear and find them easily.
  • Font Loaders: Font loaders backpack comes with lots of compartment feature. With this, you can store your gear and gadgets in separate pockets. This one is very smooth and not heavy at all.


One of the prime focuses of selecting a tactical backpack is material. Based on it you can understand how much durable the backpack is. Even it also influences the comfort and capacity of stuff it can carry as well. For the reason, it is essential to know about the materials. Various materials are used in tactical packs. They are,

  • Nylon: Nylon is high-quality material. It is artificial but light and durable. In addition, it is strong and dry quickly.
  • Rip-stop Nylon: This fabric is just best for excellence. It is combined with large thread into nylon and makes it stronger.
  • Polyester: It is also an artificial fabric but not strong and durable than nylon. However, this one is more UV resistant than nylon.
  • Canvas: An old fabric that has been used for years. It is not used in new technology backpacks. Nevertheless, this one is heavier than the above ones.


Most emphasize factor you should consider while choosing a backpack is a comfort. While you are carrying survival equipment’s on your shoulders, make sure it is comfortable. In such situation, you carry a backpack for an extended period of time then you will realize how comfortable carry can make all the differences. Even though tactical backpack is rugged and built to hold heavy gears; this does not mean that it cannot comfortable. Here are some features that make your bag comfortable,

  • Sternum strap: These straps relieve pressure on your shoulder and even increase the durability. For carrying large backpack or heavier load, these straps are simply great.
  • Waist strap: It allows you to carry the majority of the weight on your hips and keeps shoulder stress free. This is why you can easily carry the backpack at a greater distance.
  • Air Flow: These air channels design allows air to circulate between your back and backpack. In this way, it protects the bag from increase the pockets of air and makes it comfortable to carry.
  • Hydration Bladder: Hydration is a major component for adventurous souls. Some tactical backpacks have a dedicated area for water reservoir as well as a tube for opening it. While some packs design side pockets area for storing the water bottle, that is also an important feature you need to look. This feature can be playing a vital role in some situations, as well as at the time of cleaning the hydration pack. Also, if you are going to long treks then the more water , the better.

Now as you have gained a thorough knowledge of choosing the best one, lets jump into our chosen backpacks and see why they are listed here:

Top 20 Best Tactical Backpack Reviews for 2021

There are a ton of choices are available in current market. Depends on users preference we have picked twenty top tactical backpacks. In terms of durability, ample space, expansion and comfort you can choose one of these. Although these are some backpacks, you must consider but no particular order of ranking.

Take charge of your adventure life with the Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack. It’s one of the most compact and best tactical backpack styles on the market, but for some users, this is the one what they are looking for in survival gears. Even though this backpack does not come in fancy design because it looks somewhat coarse, however, it accomplishes its function as storage nicely. With a 20L capacity, you can pack all your essentials in it smartly. Moreover, Eyourlife offers different sizes of backpack, yet it the best to focus on more compact choice.

Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack

Construction Quality

Made from 600D nylon Oxford cloth with the coating of water-resistant, making this backpack reliable and strong. This durable construction with waterproof materials makes it the best backpack that can survive even in harsh conditions.

Even the heavy-duty two-way oversized zippers are durable too. It allows the users to comfortably load and unload stuff.

MOLLE System

The breathable and padded mesh back panel and shoulder straps offer to cushion comfort which makes this a desirable choice for the users. The bag also provides enough air circulation keeping you dry while you’re out there in the open air. Even the MOLLE external system is designed to use in combination with other gears, for instance, water bottle bag, accessories kits etc.


If you are looking for an affordable and basic starter pack, this is a good choice. Some users reviewed that the price sacrifices the quality. After considering the issue of their 2005 model, since then Eyourlife has upgraded their quality. Still, there are some areas where they need to improve.


  • 600D nylon Oxford cloth
  • Small but compact for everyday use
  • Water-resistant coating


  • Only 20L capacity

Is Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack For You?

While durability and versatility are the keys, looks no further then this Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack. With this tactical backpack, you can withstand in many activities like traveling, hiking, and military operation etc.

5.11 Tactical is one of the best-known names in backpack industry. Among the Rush serious, the Rush 72 engineer has intended a feature of 72-hour bag into it. This ample space design keeps your gear and accessories reliable enough to extend the journey. It is suitable to use on rugged terrain so, military, firefighter and police personnel can challenge this pack. Even though, this largest backpack in Rush line has been showing phenomenal performance in the world tactical backpacks.

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

Best worthy Pack of Money

Useful Straps

As the size of Rush 72 is gigantic, so it is better to provide a solid set of shoulder and wrist straps and –they did it. Even it is fully loaded; it successfully distributes the backpack weight without hurting your shoulder. The wrist and sternum straps further help to relieve the strain on your shoulder and push or roll then inside a flap. In this way, this straps distribute the weight across your body.


Backpack design becomes incredible with the coating of water –repellent. As it is made from 1050d nylon, this helps to make documents and stuffs dry. Even the 210D 118T Pux2 covering with single and double back stitches inside the pocket pouches and bag becomes a key factor. Throughout the bag, they use YKK zippers and durable plastic to remain stable at all temperature. While adjustable the size, they added elastic zippers to secure the straps.

Available color

A wide range of colors offered so users find many options to choose. Camouflage reflects the practicality of the backpack. It came in sandstone, black, multi-cam, storm, Flat dark earth and TAC OD. An olive drab is the dull green color that nicely blends with the forest areas. This largest compact backpack has the capacity to hold 47.5 litres within 2894 cubic inches.


  • Good representation of color
  • Very rugged and compact
  • Large ample space to store
  • Good suspension system


  • No dedicated laptop compartment
  • Bit heavy to carry

Is 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack For You ?

Among outdoor enthusiasts, this bag is brilliant one to use. Users use the word “Tank” to indicate its ample space for organizing accessories and gears. This is the reason; you can remain reliable in any kind of extended circumstance. If it all qualities fulfills your objective of having a tactical backpack then you need to look this pack. Indeed, it is the best tactical backpack for the money –worth to purchase.

Moreover, 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack is a great choice for a bug out bag. With this pack, you can go for multiple excursions without thinking much.

Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack by Direct Action is what you need to use for military specification. Even, it can complement as a durable and tough pack for its safely carry a laptop, hydration bladder, tablet etc. This backpack offers a choice option for camo or solid color. Actually, this selection makes it perfect for any enthusiast users who need a great bag for outdoor use. Over and above, this backpack is not just great for outdoor use as well as perfect for school, work and personal carry bag.

Direct Action Dragon Egg

The Dragon Egg– Perfect for Patrol and Tactical Situation


This backpack comes with a unique shape. Dragon Egg weight is 3.57lbs, which is fairly small. Even though it looks very small can this like a bigger one, probably due to its egg shape. It makes the pack have a small volume than equal others in the market. An official internal capacity is 1526 cubic inch that is perfect for a 2-day mission.

Heavy-duty Performance

The Dragon Egg backpack has made up of high-quality 500D Cordura fabrics. Without wearing and tearing, it can perform for a long run. Some other durable materials are invisible YKK zippers and the patented “Combat Vent”. This consists moulded the foam that supports your back. It might feel weird at first but after a couple of miles, you appreciate this feature.

PALS Webbing

Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack has offers lots of nice things. One of the unique facts is Laser Cut PALS webbing. While all the backpacks have 1/1 off PALS webbing, Direct Action choose a different route. They have built a panel of PALS that reduces weight and bring more comfort in shoulders. The pack has made with waterproof materials so, there is less chance to soggy.

Is the Dragon Egg Bag For You?

It is a modern backpack to fulfil all modern needs. The Dragon Egg built for mainly advance military purposes. In addition, it can also use for EDC, urban, tactical and any type of motive. However, it is a medium size pack but its camo and solid colors have wide sections. Therefore, it is a great choice for outdoor enthusiast.


  • Enough internal capacity
  • Great Laser Cut style
  • 12 different colors
  • Nice paracord handle


  • Bit noisy
  • Some customers find padding on shoulder straps is hard

All in all, This Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack is perfect to use for multiple roles especially patrol and tactical purposes. The egg shape design becomes popular among the users. However, the design is used intentionally to free your waist so that you can wear the tactical belt.

Ask some consumers, if they like to invest a lot of money to buy a backpack for each purpose. Simply, the answer is “Big NO”. So, what actually they want?-A backpack with different purpose use. If you purchase a backpack, use it and feel you do not need it anymore. Would you love to invest in such bags? Well, you don’t want to spend a single penny on it. This is where G4Free Outdoor tactical Backpack comes into the picture.

G4Free Outdoor tactical Backpack

Durable and Lightweight

This handy tactical backpack is lightweight and compact; hence, you can easily go with it anywhere. No doubts this bag is the best replacement of those heavy, bulky, and too big packs. Well, it’s made with high-quality a material that is the upgraded 600D polyester fabric. This fabric is not lightweight in nature but also durable to withstand hard daily uses.


One of the nice features about this backpack is that it’s designed for multifunctional uses. Whether you want a robust tactical backpack, handbag, first-aid kit or even sling bag– this backpack can offer you different styles. It can be carried 3 different ways. Depending on your preference, you can wear it as a shoulder bag, chest sling bag or side sling bag. Plus, the backpack has adjustable and detachable straps which help the bag to suit the shape of your body.

Value and cost

Most consumers shocked to see how budget-friendly it is. Actually, there are not many products in this bag industry as cost-friendly as this. But it does not mean that the quality of the bag is cheap. Even it’s one the best tactical backpack that offers a reasonable price with full of value.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • 3-different carrying styles
  • 600D polyester fabric


  • Zippers quality is not high-end

Is G4Free Outdoor tactical Backpack For You?

Emergency workers, first responder, ice-climbers, hard-bitten ops soldiers, and more will find it perfect companions while they going get tough. In other words, this lightweight option is ideal for those consumers who are seeking EDC bag for any daily carry.

The Maxpedition Falcon-II is one of the most surefire products in pack world. In this pack, you will find everything like- plenty of storage options, durability, quality construction as well as design to military specifications. Truly, thanks to the intelligence to build this versatile design backpack. The upgrade version of Falcon-II enhances its overall design and able to add more comfort without changing its durability.

Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

Innovative and Comfortable Design

Built to last

This backpack has thoroughly built with 1050-Denier nylon. It is a material not only strong but also water and scratch resistant. It can assure you to keeps the backpack shape well and deliver maximum comfort. The shoulder straps are padded nicely so that you feel the delight to carry the gears. In case of breathability, this pack has made up of breathable mesh. Moreover, Falcon-II is one of the interesting products you can wear it all day long and stay comfortable.

Availability of Color

If you are a color lover then there is good news awaited for you. Falcon-II comes with a myriad of color options viz. Wolf Grey, Black, Khaki, Foliage Green etc. In terms of your choice and preference, you can choose your own color of a backpack.


The storage capacity of Maxpedition Falcon-II is simply stunning. There are four compartments which you can store the gear. The measure of main compartments is 9 x 4 x 18 inches and can store great items inside it. Especially the layer design of this backpack is highly appreciable. With help of this, you can organize all your gear easily and grab it easily. The total capacity of this backpack is 25L and can use it for various purposes.


  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Can organize all stuff nicely
  • Water bladder fits easily


  • Extra straps and bucket makes lots of noise
  • A little heavy for its size

Is the Maxpedition Falcon-II Bag For You?

Falcon-II can be used as a weekend trip, day hike or even everyday use bag. In the narrow profile, you can balance all the things nicely. Within the similar size, they optimize the storage space and make it an innovative one. This is the reason; it becomes a loyal best tactical daypack. On the other hand, based on price point it is best to buy. Moreover, for a long day excursion, this bag is not suitable so think about it.

All in all, the Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack is very durable, sturdy and its innovative design help you to optimize the space nicely. This is a very good quality backpack. You will find comfortable to wear it.

The Cvlife brand is no longer any stranger to the adventure gear lovers. They are covering everything from a backpack to cell phone bags, and even admin bags–just to name a few. Highly compact and sleek design, their Cvlife Tactical Backpack 60L is our next choice. This backpack has offers everything you could ask for in a waterproof tactical backpack, with a great price as well. Plus, it has been become a popular hit among the online reviewers for its cost-effective feature.

Cvlife Tactical Backpack 60L

Cvlife Tactical Backpack 60L

Robust Material

In efforts to separate them from the competition, this brand tries to create the most robust tactical backpacks. Completely durable and wearable, this pack is made from toughest 600D nylon materials. Usually, it’s used in the industry due to its durable quality. Even it’ll be more resistant to tears and rips from heavy-weight inside the pack. Additionally, the brand fills durability into the seams, attachments, and even the stitches smartly.

3 Detachable Pouches

If you want to experience something better, the Cvlife Tactical Backpack 60L not only provides you a ton of space to work within the main compartment but there are 3 detachable pouches to store items as well. These 3 pouches are removable and attach to the MOLLE webbing system. All of these are large and spacious enough which allow consumers to easily manage their added things.

Storage Capacity

The best part of this bag is its storage capacity. It’s not just that how much you can store inside the bag rather how many compartments are designed. Luckily, this backpack comes with 60L capacity-meaning there is enough room to fit any essential times needed in an emergency situation. Simply, if you looking for a bag that can keep you organized, this backpack is the right choice.


  • 60L storage space
  • Detachable pouches
  • Built-in the shoulder, hip and chest adjustable straps


  • Shoulder straps are quite short for some consumers

Is Cvlife Tactical Backpack 60L For You?

The Cvlife Tactical Backpack 60L is an ideal option for users who are seeking for a product that will last and join them various journeys. No matter if you’re a traveler, hiker or just seeking for a true tactical backpack, this one is great to consider.

Nowadays, manufacturers are starting to create more shoulder backpacks because of their unique functionality, lightweight quality, and usability. Looks like small in size but it gives you enough space to accommodate different stuff. The Fami Outdoor Tactical Shoulder Backpack is becoming a favorite one out of these lists. Undoubtedly, it’s the ideal compact solution for carrying and organizing gear for hiking, hunting, camping, working outdoors, or even EDC purpose.

Fami Outdoor Tactical Shoulder Backpack

Multi-Purpose Use

This compact, versatile and small tactical backpack is perfect when your full-sized backpacks are too large. While they are a bit heavy to carry, it allows you to carry your pack as a back pouch, shoulder pack, hand pouch, or chest bag. Even though it’s small yet compact enough to store anything that you’ll need for a day’s activity such as extra clothes and accessories with that.

Adjustable Straps

If your bag doesn’t provide any adjustable features, then it becomes very uncomfortable and rigid to carry it. This Fami backpack has adjustable and detachable straps that are comfortable to carry anyway you like. Plus, it will not put any shoulder strain even after hours of wearing the bag. Additionally, a generous number of zipper pockets allow you to contain your important things depending on your specific needs.

Color Option

What customers really enjoy this specific brand is a variety of design and color options. As a consumer you have the options to pick from the 8 different colors, all of that is made from same, durable 600D Military Nylon materials. In addition, these color options allow consumers to select a color that represents their military affiliation and taste.


  • Has detachable straps
  • High-quality buckles
  • 8 different color options
  • Small, lightweight, and compact


  • The shoulder strap is not suitable for heavy items

Is Fami Outdoor Tactical Shoulder Backpack For You?

Going out with your adventure companion and want to make it simple, might be very easy with this bag. Without any doubt, this backpack is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This is why users who want a smaller backpack which is perfect for EDC or day trips will enjoy this cost-friendly model.

Having a good bag can either make a good recode or break your expectation. In this case, their signature backpack Condor 3 Day Assault might be a good bag for your gear. This bag is a perfect bug to fit your every need. With maintain several high quality features, its represent theirs as a cream of the crop backpack.

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Extremely Comfortable and Versatile


Another fascinating 3-day pack, made with high-quality durable material from Condor. This bag will not fall apart quickly. Its extremely rough and robust finishing reflects through its construction. With their spacious and comfortable design, individuals also can travel easily. This pack is fairly large 3,038 cubic inch or internal frame pack 50L. Even it made with 1000 Denier nylon which known as an extremely durable material used for a backpack. In addition, the zippers are solid enough and cover with flaps to divert rain. Therefore, you can understand that this bag can last for a long time.


This backpack comes up with the highest amount of versatility in terms of compartment design. There are a hydration pack, radio, MOLLE, and Velcro compartments. With total 7 compartments, pockets and pouches it makes your gear organized. Apart from others, the main compartment works as a living room for you because it is so large. The size of the main compartment is around 13x20x10 inches that is huge. Moreover, several internal pockets are tie downs with the main compartment.

Ease of Use

Comfort is the prime focus to get any tactical assault backpack. Backpack gives comfort by following the different straps of a bag. To ensure the comfort level Condor 3 Day comes with rich padding all over the pack. This hip, shoulder straps will fit your body perfectly and divide the weight of a bag in your body. All of these padding areas are cover with nylon that makes it relatively dry. In addition, padding also helps to pass the airflow. As this bag comes with a nice amount of storage so that you can pack comfortably all your staffs inside it.


  • Durable materials and strong stitches
  • Perfect sizing side pockets
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps


  • Users find that zippers are break off easily
  • No water holder available with the pack

Is the Condor 3 Day Assault Bag For You?

Condor 3 Day Assault bag is one of the versatile packs of Condor brand. It should be great for military, tactical, fishing, hunting and any type of expanding excursions. With this pack, you can neatly design your adventures for 3 days. Moreover, this pack is a good choice for a multi-day outing. Like, you can use it as an emergency pack as well as a travel bag. Over and above, this bag is not for everyone. For the weekend trip or day use, you need to look other backpacks.

Any kind of your excursion or tactical adventure can be perfect with the Condor 3 Day Assault Pack. Its thoughtful design, amazing craftsmanship and robust quality make it a versatile pack for any users.

The Reebow tactical backpack is one that gives a tough competition some of the best backpacks on the current market, however, it looks like they run for the crown. In fact, many users think that this product is sitting on the throne. This is why; this backpack came out as our best tactical backpack review. At the same time, it does not cost as much, making it a valuable investment.

Reebow Tactical Backpack

Hydration Compatibility

Without compromising the quality, this bag is incorporated with lots of amazing features that you can’t find typically in this price tag. In that one is the hydration feature. This model is designed to keep consumers hydrate while they fishing, hiking, or whatever activity they want to may do. However, this pack doesn’t include any hydration bladder, but there is a room for an installed 2.5L bladder. So, you can drink on the move and no need to stop frequently for water.

Comfortable to Use

In consideration to comfort and fitting, this backpack comes with adjustable waist and shoulder straps. The shoulder straps have a good amount of mesh padding to remain your shoulders ventilated. Simply, you’ll love it while you go to the hot place. Also, there is a chest strap in between them. If your pack weight falls on your shoulders, it helps for further adjustment. Thanks to the ventilation and padding, it’ll help you to carry your gears ache free.

MOLLE System

This military backpack has compatible with MOLLE system. However, its MOLLE is somewhat different compared to the standard military spacing. Coming with less than ½ inch unusual MOLLE that will let you take along even more fishing, trekking, and hiking gears.


  • Has detachable straps
  • High-quality buckles
  • 8 different color options
  • Small, lightweight, and compact


  • The shoulder strap is not suitable for heavy items

Is Reebow tactical backpack For You?

With this tactical backpack, any adventure lovers will assure to experience the best hiking, hunting, camping, and trekking journey. It offers enough space to carry everything you need for all-day hunting trip or even overnight trip as well.

Adventures lovers always look for a bag where they can fit all their essential stuff. For them, the 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 becomes a quintessential model of everyday carry bag. Quite simply it can stand for a compact, versatile and rugged daypack. Among many popular demands, you can find this Rush 12 pack on the market today. Moreover, it is not an ordinary bag rather can suitable as a multipurpose bag for different use.

5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Backpack

An Excellent Choice for Small Trip and Daily Use

Organization– Best in Class

One of the best things people compliment about this product is roomy compartments. There are in total 16 compartments and each of them has designed for different purposes. For instance, admin pocket is 3-quarter zippered compartment and EDC friendly. So, especially students and professionals are like the internal admin pocket. In the space, you can organize all your needed accessories. Up top, one of the special pockets design is fleece-lined to protect your sunglasses and other items like a phone. In addition, 60oz hydration pocket is very helpful to keep you moving. This size can hang 1.5 L bladder that is suitable for a day trip.

Material Quality

Tactical Rush 12 has made with one of the top quality 1050D nylon. Interestingly, the material nylon ensures that the product will be long lasting. The water resistance 1050D nylon has makes this product ready in any environment. Furthermore, this pack is also waterproofs so need to worry about the downpour. Lastly, the YKK self-repairing zippers assure you to secure your belonging.


Straps are designed to feel you comfortable in all situations. The Rush 12 is featured with sternum strap. This strap helps you to reduce stress on your shoulder and gain more stability. With this adjustable sternum strap even you on go, your bag will secure.

In addition, this pack also comes with 2 compression straps. While you are running or moving, these straps will keep your gear tight.


  • Durable material and good stitching
  • Great amount of pockets
  • Perfect for EDC purpose
  • Shoulder straps are sturdy and comfortable


  • No built-in protection for laptop
  • Some users find chest straps is so high up

Is the Rush 12 Bag For You?

Rush 12 is mainly designed for tactical assault pack. However, it is so versatile so you can use it both EDC as well for camping purposes. Keep in mind that, not the extended camping rather the small one is preferable. However, this one is considered as a well-design best small tactical backpack in the market.

The 5.11 Tactical RUSH 12 pack is something that can serve you for a long period. It has acquired the tag of best backpack based on its performance, versatility and built quality.

Since the competition starts, everyone tries to create and build better products. A bag packed with various amazing features which include: functionality, style, design–all of these qualities is quite hard to find in today’s market. But we think with this Orca Tactical Salish 40L MOLLE pack, you’ll get exactly the one you are looking for. This bag has a generous 40L capacity and due to its build quality, it can be used also outside of your adventure needs.

Orca Tactical Salish 40L MOLLE

Robust Build

The Orca bag is crafted with 600D polyester fabric. It’s both highly resistant of scratch and waterproof. It also includes high-quality zippers with nylon pulls which is rust-resistant and durable. Even it can carry any MOLLE accessories with the 2 straps. However, its carrying capacity is increased even more if you can utilize the MOLLE attachment systems.


It has 2 main compartments that also offer additional zipper pockets within them. One is for laptop about 15-inch size and other has a net pocket to stored small items that need to be store above the heavy gears. The main compartment is a feature with mesh pocket and an elastic band to organize the clothes securely. There are also 2 small compartments in the front for store small accessories. However, there is even a pocket that can easily store 2.5L water bladder.


This tactical backpack is very comfortable to have. It offers various things like contoured shoulder straps and padded back that allows airspaces. The shoulders straps are triple strong that are highly comfortable to carry loads.


  • Large compartments hold heavy items
  • Double stitch reinforce the bag
  • 40L capacity is quite huge


  • Need more color options to choose

Is Orca Tactical Salish 40L MOLLE For You?

Adventure lovers who want to take a small tactical backpack with them for an outdoor excursion or short hunt; nothing will be a better option than this Orca Tactical Salish 40L MOLLE bag. Overall, it’s an amazing addition to any camping or casual adventure lovers.

The Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger Backpack is more to use as an everyday carry bag and becomes a loyal companion. With the Maxpedition tag, this bag ensures you to provide the best support in maximum expeditions. All in all, there is no reason you will not like this product like this one.

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

Best Companion for Everyday Carry Bag (EDC)

Pleasure to Use

Sitka’s compartments have contained various organizational features together to keep your all-essential gear sorted. For multiple compartments structure, it has come up with a lot of ample space. While the main compartment is large enough to keep a 15” laptop, and the pockets can store charger, mobile and others accessories. Besides that, the main compartments also have some internal organization features. Wherein, you need not dump all the pieces of stuff in one compartment rather organize them neatly. No matter whatever the products such as gear, weapons, clothes and gadgets; there is enough space in Sitka.


With the multiple handles like side and top, you can carry it as the way you want. In addition, the sling style makes it comfortable to carry even it is filled. Interestingly the weight distribution process of Sitka was good and it does not give any pressure on your shoulder and neck. Because the unique Y-shape compression strap help to distribute the weight.


This backpack has boasts a modular design made of 1000 denier nylon fabric. PALS module webbing helps to expand the backpack capacity. At the same time, makes it attractive by adding different attachments and accessories.


  • Made of nylon material
  • Water reservoir of 3L
  • YKK zippers
  • Easy to organize


  • Too many zippers

Is Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger For You?

Sitka is the premium line backpack of Maxpedition. The innovative single shoulder originally designs for warriors and mission purposes. In terms of comfort and balance, it also acquires to grab the attention of EDC or day hikers. Because it single straps put the entire load on your body armour that is, better than other backpacks. For that, it becomes a great bag for all kind of users.

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger backpack comes up with lots of practical features. It satisfies users within a short period of its quality and functionality.

Direct Action is known for creating quality backpacks and this messenger tactical bag is no exception to that. This versatile and lightweight bag is ideal for LE operators, military personnel, and even for EDC use. Whether you are not military personnel, just want to have a backpack like tactical looking. In this circumstance, you can use this Direct Action Messenger Tactical Bag for your everyday use.

Direct Action Messenger Tactical Bag

Build Tough

High-quality 100% Cordura 500D and other fantastic fabrics are used to construct this bag. This medium size and low profile design make it an ideal choice for everyday use bag. Even you want a messenger bag to store your 13-inch laptop, iPad, or table, this bag is the best to consider.

Plus, this bag comes with Laser-cut feature that doesn’t absorb water like conventional MOLLE webbing. And in the bottom, this bag contains non-slip fabric. So, you can use this bag without much tension in maintenance.

Quick Customize Quality

The main compartment is bound with Velcro that allows you to add magazine and holster pouches. With a large flap and Velcro buckle, it helps to keeps your belongings secure and safe. Inside the main compartment padded sleeve protects your electronic items like laptops. In the inward of the flap comes with a pocket of vinyl fabric and exterior has a zippered pocket.


The bag is designed with non-slip shoulder straps and bottom. Additionally, a detachable shoulder and waist strap comes as a plus point.  On the exterior side of the bag contains an elastic cord for carrying extra clothes.


  • 100% Cordura 500D material
  • Velcro lined in the main compartment
  • Hold 13-inch laptop


  • Doesn’t fit large size laptop

Is Direct Action Messenger Tactical Bag For You?

No matter if you’re military personnel or just a casual hike, all your demands can fulfill this bag. In its spacious room, it can store everything you require for EDC activities or short trips.

5.11 tactical have manufactured some of the superior and finest quality backpack for everyday customers. One of the popular bags of Rush line is Rush 24 as a day-to-day carry bag. Indeed, in the name Rush “24” indicates that 5.11 tactical designed this backpack to be fit for 24-hour missions. It has been specially designed to provide enough storage for gear and provisions that you need for a 24-hour hard field. Moreover, you can carry this excellent bag wherever you want to go regardless of situation and climate.

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack

Suitable For EDC and Day-to-Day Use

MOLLE Webbing

One of the iconic features of Rush bags is completely MOLLE compatible. This means you can customize the pack with a huge range of additional components like decorating with other pouches etc. Even you are free to create your own bag that fits your requirements. Moreover, Rush 24 is the best MOLLE backpack in current market.

Storage and Capacity

In a matter of trip or trek, everyone tries to keep his or her essential items with him or her. And this pack nicely serves the purpose. Over 20 compartments, makes it equally suitable for professional use. Mostly thanks to laptop sleeve in the main compartment, ample space in admin pocket with sleeves for a business card, camera, pen, GPS unit and in two inner mesh pockets for computer and other accessories you want to with you. In addition, other pouches are also designed to store your essential items comfortably. Moreover, this bag made of the finest material with 37 litres of packing space.

Water- Repellant

This bag is beautifully designed with water resistance feature. The 1050D nylon has considered a most durable and strongest one that used in most of the tactical backpacks. Interestingly, you can carry this bag in any climate without worrying your gear. Because, its water–repellant coating does not allow water to enter inside and damage your kinds of stuff.


  • Appealing design and quality
  • Convenient storage space
  • Yoke shoulder straps
  • Self-repairing zippers


  • No large water bottle pocket
  • No waist belt provides

Is Rush 24 Backpack For You?

Rush 24 belongs to one of the best tactical backpack brands. Their simple design quality makes this product perfect one for a short day trip, fishing, biking as well as everyday use. For this, EDC users become very fanatic about this backpack. All the compartments and pockets are designed in a very logical manner so there is no chance of lost anything. So, for a daily use purpose, you can think about this backpack. Moreover, this excellent pack can serve a vast majority of people’s need.

Overall, the 5.11 Tactical RUSH 24 is one of the most popular backpacks. It becomes an ideal choice for 24-hour missions, hiking, rocking and much more. Moreover, this high-quality bag will not disappoint you.

Are you looking for a backpack to hold your 17” laptop, files and other technological devices without any hassle? To read this High Sierra Tactic Backpack’s specifications, it seems that it’s the perfect suit for your use. Through it’s not large enough for outdoor activities like hiking and camping, but it’s great for commuting school or work. However, this backpack is packed with style, comfort, and function in one bag that exactly you would need to work and play.

High Sierra Tactic Backpack

Fully Padded Laptop Compartment

Laptops are costly and at the same time fragile. So, it’s important to protect your laptop from impacts because they’re easily damaged. This is why; this backpack comes with a completely padded laptop sleeve and it is hidden in the main compartment. The sleeve is extra padded with CUSHION ZONE feature to keep your laptop safe from any kind of hit or physical damages.

Ergonomic Design

The straps of this bag come with an S-curved design that provides good support on your shoulders. Plus, they use mesh material on the straps which ensure breathability. Even the harnesses an entire back panel is padded so you should remain comfortable while you wearing it.

Meanwhile, the cords at the front of the backpack are very useful while you need to stash your hoodie or jacket somewhere.

Giant Hook

Sometimes hanging a bag is a common problem. But thanks to this giant hook, it’s solving everything. The hook helps to hang the hook even when it’s totally loaded so that you don’t require putting the bag in the floor.


  • Compatible with 17-inch laptop
  • Built-in media pocket
  • Giant hook helps to hang the bag


  • Some users reviewed that the backpack doesn’t last long as they expected

Is High Sierra Tactic Backpack For You?

The High Sierra Tactic Backpack is suitable for those who commuting school, sports, and works frequently. This classic yet versatile backpack comes with a wide array of pockets and compartments so that you can organize everything neatly.

If you are looking for an ultimate campaign bag then no need to look forward, then Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack. This bug bag is one of their flagship products that sold over 1 million since 1998. As it has constructed for airline friendly so you can carry it on to the plane.  Expandability of this bag creates a wonderful effect among the users. Moreover, it is a wonderful bag to fit any virtual travellers need.

Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack

Best Bag for Multiple Day Excursions

Convenient Storage

People who want to go campaign might be requiring a good organizer pack. And this is the bag what they actually look for. This pack is fitted with a main compartment, a medium compartment and 2 outer pockets. An expandable main compartment provides, even more, space for cargo. Over and above, its generous storage option is great for packing multiple days clothing.


With this Sandpiper of California pack, users now do not have to think about the loading. Of course, it is true that weight is always the main issue of any bag. In this case, the bag weight is 5.8 yet lighter than it advertised. Regarding its lightweight features, users find more peace in their mind. Lastly, this one is more cost efficient compared to the other survival bag. That is why this one becomes a best “Bug out Bag” in today’s market.

Robust Construction

An expanding bag can accommodate a wonderful volume of 3,300 cubic inches for multiple days’ expeditions. With 600-Denier Poly /Canvas material and abrasion-resistant quality, makes this bag as a compact one. In addition, it reinforced with a shoulder harness, aluminium backstays, as well as wrist and hip padding used for secure the carrying system. The shoulder straps have some D- rings running up the straps. Moreover, this bag is very versatile one because you can carry it in multiple ways like shoulder sling straps, top handle, side handle, backpack straps etc.

Is the Sandpiper of California Bugout Bag For You?

This Bugout bag is equally compatible with all kind of business, EDC use, vacation, any day trip or extensive walking destination. Versatility is one of the features that enhance its popularity.  You will also impress to know that this one is the best cheap tactical backpack in the market.


  • Great for different adventures
  • Enough ample space
  • Excellent design with robust construction


  • Fairly large size and after loaded it swag down shapelessly
  • Fabric was much tougher

Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack organize more gear than the average backpacks. With comfortable and convenient design, you can carry this pack for an extended period of time.

If you are looking for a backpack that can hold ammo and handguns in a secure and safe manner, the Cvlife tactical backpack 40L is for you. This pack is boasted with lots of extra features that will make your life easier. Also, it’ll allow you to carry your gears in the most organized way possible. Currently, this specific product is on high demand on the market that is why it made our list.

Cvlife tactical backpack 40L

Full of Extras

Being a backpack with plenty of space, this survival pack also features specific space for a hydration bladder and lots of hook and loops for expanding gears capacity. These might be not big extras but if you stuck somewhat in the journey without any extra stuff, in that this is what you exactly need.

Roomy and Spacious

The biggest selling point of this bag is that is its size. With 40L storage capacity, this bag is enough to hold for a few days’ gears and clothes. In fact, this bag itself has packed with 2 spacious main compartments and lots of small pockets. You can organize your camera, flashlight, laptop in the main compartments. Even you can use the loops to expand your gear capacity. While you compare this bag with other survival packs, definitely it’s one of the best for space.


As far as performance concern, this pack made of 600D polyester fabric which makes it durable enough to suit any kind of weathers. So, if you’re on the trip where weather change frequently, and then it’s the best option that could survive through all weathers. Although the bag comes with a water-resistant coating inside it, but do not confuse this with complete waterproofing.


  • Shoulder padding provides superior comfort
  • 40L capacity
  • Water-resistant coated inside the bag


  • Not provide that level of heavy-duty service

Is Cvlife Tactical Backpack 40L For You?

The Cvlife Tactical Backpack 40L is one of the unique products of Cvlife brand. With this tactical rucksack, you can design your excursion time frame around 3 days. Not just that, you can use this bag for different purposes like military, camping, trekking, ammo, and survival backpack.

When you are planning to go on an adventure or mission, you need to have the best gear and all the essential equipment’s with you to make the experience best one. For the reason, Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack is the best choice to pick. This backpack allows you to continue your excursion without interruption or fear of climate. Indeed, this pack is making sure to ready you in any situation for any type of journey.

Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack 

Big Monkey– Ready for Any Type of Exploration

Size– Big Enough

With this amazing big enough pack, you will store all needed gear and equipment for 3 days trip. Especially thanks to 3 MOLLE and PALS attachments to extend the roomy space even more. In case of mission and emergency, this best MOLLE backpack assembles everything you need during the trip. However, no need to tense about having small items lost insides the big space. On the other hand, the interior design of this pack is well organized. With 2 internal compartments, you can keep all you stuffs beautifully stored. Even 2 detachable zipper pockets also allow you to keep your gear organized.


Monkey Paks is considered as a quality pack about anything you could ask it to do. Many users found that it is a great option for overnight trip or day hiking. This versatile bag also comes with a wrist, shoulder or fanny bag. It is something you can use it as with shoulder bag/ sling or without the pack. In addition, it has 4 zipper pockets with the built-in organization to secure your small items.

Comfortable Design

This pack made with 600D nylon means it will withstand snow and rain.  So, you can prepare yourself for all type of weather condition.

Another beautiful building is 2.5L internal hydration bladder unit. It can quench your thirst while you on to move. This bundle like a backpack with hydration bladder makes your trips more comfortable and easier.


  • Enough roomy space for everything
  • Waist belt and chest straps are well placed
  • Snow and water resistant
  • 2.5 hydration bladder


  • Side pockets are bit noisy
  • Poor quality plastic bucket

Is the Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack Bag For You?

Monkey Paks design this backpack to prepare you any kind of unexpected emergency, mission or camping trips. Its ample space allows you to assemble your gear that is worth for 3 days. Moreover, this is a pack loved by all people including warriors, survivalists, hunting as well as adventure lovers.

Over and above, the Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack is the best pack to keep all your gear organized and secure. Also keeps you hydrated during the trip.

Mens Shoulder is one of the best tactical sling backpacks in the current market. This backpack is perfect for use EDC as well as a bike trip or walking around the city. With this ample storage capacity, you can store the bulk amount of gear into it. Overall, this tactical backpack is something that will not disappoint you.

Mens Shoulder BackpackBest for Small day Trip


This backpack comes with many compartments to organize your gear neatly. The main compartment is large enough to carry an iPad Pro or other items like a camera with external batteries with full security. Actually, all the compartments and pockets come with zipper access that keeps your belonging safe. In 3 zipper front pocket, one comes with a key ring with that you can decorate your pack. Moreover, it can carry total 900 cu. inches that are good.


Different straps make this backpack more durable and versatile. MOLLE straps have attached to the external gear of Velcro strips. The compression straps of Y shape hold the gear tightly for better balance. In addition, the adjustable shoulder and waist straps divide the whole weight in the body so that your shoulder feels more relieve.  Multiple MOLLE, D-ring and other points allow you to attach more pouches and accessories. In this way, you can make your backpack attractive at the same time convenient to organize the gear.


This backpack comes with a huge range of color variety. Users can find their perfect color from its multiple color options. Like, Black, DM Brown, DM Pink, DM Tan, Digital Camouflage, Hunter Camo, Multicam, OD Green and Tan etc.

Is the Mens Shoulder Backpack For You?

Mens Shoulder is perfectly designed for travel, small trip and day-to-day carry. Moreover, this one has known as the best small tactical backpack. Therefore, it is not compatible with multiple day adventures.  You can think about it based on your aim and objectives.


  • Good size water bottle holder
  • Perfect for EDC users
  • Main compartment is large enough


  • Users don’t find any issue with this backpack

The Mens Shoulder Backpack is one you will love to have it. This simple design backpack focus on every detail to make it as a worthy pack.

Want a strong yet versatile backpack that can carry your all essential belongings ranging from laptop to anything? I love to suggest this 3v gear Outlaw Tactical Backpack is the best choice for you. Its unique style sling bag makes it an excellent addition to the bug out bag or EDC. Along with spacious compartments and small pockets, this bag is well padded and made of durable rust resistant nylon zippers. This makes it robust enough and still ready to be used again and again. Even though it’s small size, the toughness of this bag is unexpectedly good.

3v gear Outlaw Tactical Backpack

Adjustable Straps

This Outlaw sling style bag comes with fully adjustable shoulder straps. The straps are well padded and soak away any dampness. Its design of sling style delivers a full range of motion including optional straps for extra support. Additionally, this pack offers top and side handles as other carrying options.

Ventilated Back Panel

Molded with durable and soft EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) that is a combination of vinyl acetate and copolymer of ethylene. It delivers flexible, waterproof, and ventilated back panel. It allows the air to pass through and keeps you cool no matter how long you wear it.

Meanwhile, the backpack is made with 600D baked PVC fabrics which is weather resistance and rugged too. However, the bag is durable and long lasting as well.

Easy Access

The Outlaw by 3v gear is packed with hydration bladder capability. It provides quick and easy access to your gear without having to remove the bag. Just swing the bag from back to chest and get access to your stuff stored in the side compartment. It makes the bag use super easy.


  • Well padded shoulder straps
  • EVA molded back panel
  • Worth bag for the money


  • Some users complain about zippers quality

Is 3v gear Outlaw Tactical Backpack For You?

The 3v gear Outlaw Tactical Backpack is perfect for EDC (Every Day Carry) users. With an innovative sling design, it allows them to access to their gears without the tension of removing your gears.

How to Pack a Tactical Backpack

Packing a tactical backpack in the correct way can rely on 2 things: one is your comfort and another is a mission. You need to collect everything you can carry it conveniently, therefore, you can begin with the right stuff. However, your mission can dictate your unique need and of course your ultimate decision.

One principle needs to bear in mind that the first thing you in are the rearmost items you out. Now, think about you are packing a tactical backpack for 24 hours, it’s much like building a pyramid. So, keep the heavy gears in the bottom, medium weight in the middle, and lightweight on the top. If you planning for long excursion, this can help to pack your bag in the best possible way.

While packing a tactical backpack, follow these general steps.

The Bottom or Foundation

In the bottom section of the pack is suitable for those gears that you’ll need at the end of the carrying the bag. Like your extra clothes, hygiene items, and bedding etc. Also, keep your heaviest gears like tools at the bottom of the pack.

In the Middle

Whatever items you need to set the camp in the night like fire starting and sheltering stuff, keep them in the middle of the pack. Also, place some additional food, water, and other items that you don’t need while you are on the way.

On the Top

Place your navigation and self-defense items, socks, and communication items on the top of your pack so that you can easily access them. You can keep other items such as water purification tablets, snacks, and small items in this section.

Outside of the Bag

If your tactical backpack is MOLLE compatible, then try to use the most of it. Attach your first aid box, ear and eye protection, and other necessary items in the side pocket of the bag.

If you want to save places, you can pack some items inside the others. For instant, cups should be kept in the cooking pot. Another smart way to keep your gear functional is waterproof. Lastly, try to keep your bag as small as possible for carrying it safely.

Best Molle attachments’ for tactical backpack

All kinds of best MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) attachments’ for a tactical backpack can be found in the marketplace. And, manufacturers bring new models every year to make your choice options even more complicated. Luckily, these MOLLE attachments’ will help you to save you valuable time.

MOLLE Webbing Panel

MOLLE webbing panel is made of robust nylon stitch onto chest rings, vests, and battle belts. Usually, backpacks come with row system allows you to attach this kind of attachment. Even the MOLLE webbing panel allows you to clip heavy pouches on to the bag. Most of the stuff can be clipped to the one connection point.

Also, the pouch can be clipped with C-clips which ensure secure attaching and prevent rocking. However, the webbing is as strong as straps so you can attach holster and weapon as well.

MOLLE Shoulder Straps

MOLLE shoulder straps on your backpack play a vital role in how good way you can use it. Also, it’s necessary to notice the shape of it because it’ll determine the comfort level of a backpack.

The straight straps are like straight. On the contrary, the contoured shape is much like our body outward shape. It curved inwardly above the shoulder and below the arms.

All the MOLLE shoulder straps are designed with water-resistant and durable denier material. They are very adjustable and come with extra padded straps for better comfort. Not just that, with quick release buckles, these straps are designed to improve the carrying capacity and comfort level.

Molle Clips

A MOLLE clip is very handy for attaching two pouches or bags together especially with MOLLE webbing. They are very easy to attach and remove, even for your tactical accessories that require quick and easy one hand operation.

The MOLLE clips ensure security and robust connection. It’s good for heavy items like trauma kits and ammo pouches. At the same time, they are very simple to connect and disconnect. However, these clips are not as versatile and robust as today’s MOLLE attachments, but they are a good option to pick.

Molle Admin Pouch

In military work, preparation is very crucial. While you work to take you to the far away from the globe, it’s very difficult to access all the essential equipment and tools. For securing your gears, the great MOLLE admin pouches come in the industry. The admin pouches can handle various tools and devices, so you’re free to set up that is correct for you.

With this pouch, you will find an innovative solution in solid colors and camo designs. As the pouch constructs with nylon and cotton-polyester fabric, you can trust it fully.

Molle D-Ring

MOLLE D-ring is crafted with lightweight, highly-durable, and corrosion resistant polymer material. Joining it in 1-inch MOLLE webbing straps or handles and enjoy the carrying capacity.  Simply, it’s great in terms of functionality and flexibility. It can perform well in any condition especially, for camping and hiking gears. Suitable for a water bottle, keys, and other items you need to carry for easy access.

Even though they are strongly built, but they can break under a person’s weight. That means it’s not designed for lifesaving use.

Tactical Bug Out Bag Essentials

There are some standard items every bug out bag should have and from them you can customize it as per your living situation. Remember, don’t follow any bug out bag (BOB) list blindly rather think about it.

To get a complete idea, read our BOB essential list.

  1. Water

One of the essential items you should have for survival in harsh condition is water. It’s even more important than food because you can survive weeks without eating food but without water, you will suffer from dehydration.

Depending on the space of your bag, you can extend your water choice like carry a simple water bottle or sealed water pouch. Plus, keeping some water purification tablet such as iodine tablets or for big space carrying filter is a great idea.

  • Water Bottle
  • Sealed water pouch
  • Iodine tablets
  • Filter
  1. Shelter

Probably, shelter means as simple as a trap and as modern as a tent. There is a debate on these two types of equipment are the best for your bug out bag. And the answer is, it totally depends on your experience. If you’re not comfortable sleeping in a trap, then go for a tent. Also, a sleeping bag is a good option to carry if you have extra space. However, it can keep you warm at night.

  • Trap/tent
  • Rope
  • Sleeping bag
  • Emergency blanket
  1. Food

One thing you make sure you have in your bag is food. Preferable food items are those which contains high-protein, high-fat, and non- perishable.

Also, you can include MREs in your meal lists that are hot meals which need hot water to heat up. These are a good option for last 72 or above days.

  • Energy /protein foods
  • MREs
  1. Clothing

While it comes for clothing it’s better to have a few pieces of clothes. With these few pieces, you can go a long way. In terms of clothes, select wool and camping clothes because they can dry easily. Depending on the climate, pick some emergency clothes like

  • Pair of boots
  • Extra pair of socks
  • A bandana/ hat
  1. First Aid Box

In terms of first aid, just stick to the essentials. Make sure your first aid box contains the basic disinfectant, scissors, gauze, bandages, and burn gel.

  1. Hygiene Items

Don’t require much things for hygiene just bring some shampoo and deodorants. Some essential list is,

  • Soap bar
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Baby wipes

Choose your tactical gear wisely

Some areas you also need to look while selecting a backpack for yourself,

Color and Style

Color and style is something that totally depends on users own preferences. All brands now offer a huge range of options to choose the one in terms of your necessity.  As for snow area, people prefer “white”; for an urban environment, they choose “black”, and for a hunting, trip users select “camouflage” color. Still, one thing keeps in mind in choosing a color is that blends well with the environment like black and camouflage.

Size and Weight

The tactical backpack itself is heavier than other backpacks. Nevertheless, it can be lighter if you keep the volume at a minimal level.  Beyond that, you need to plan how long you use the gear. For an overnight trip, 30L is enough. But in case of a longer trip, you will need more. On the other hand, a single person needs stuff for him/herself but the family man needs stuff for all the members of the family. So, based on this you need to select the size of a backpack.

Bag Frame

Backpacks are shaped depends on 2 types of frame. One is external and another is the internal frame. With help of these frames, users find extra support to carry the bag. Some bags also design without the frame and that is difficult to carry. However, internal frame is very popular and most of the bags have designed with this frame.

For your convenience, below we are putting all the important features of our chosen tactical backpacks in a smart chart:


The world of a tactical backpack is vast and wide. This is why it bit difficult to find the right one among the lots of quality packs. Hopefully, from our wonderful list and various features that have been provided, you will able to select one that is suited your requirements. Besides, the buying guide of best tactical backpacks you come across is the most comprehensive one. Among the tactical backpack reviews, all the packs in this guide can compatible with any scenario. Now the choice is up to you. Just choose a backpack which is perfect and satisfy you.