40-48L Expandable Camping Backpack Review

The 40-48L Expandable Camping Backpack can be used for outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, camping and overnight trips, as well as daily chores. The expandable bag comes with durable material and will surely last a long time for the heavy duty users.

The main area of the bag can be extended from 5 inches to 10 inches. With a capacity to 40 to 48 liters or 3920 cubic inches this will fit a lot of stuff for whether it is a long hike, an overnight trip or a weekend gateway. There is an extendable gear compartment with multiple gear pouches with molle compatibility hooks underneath the bag which lets you customize the backpack according to your needs.

40-48L Expandable Camping Backpack is 14.5 inches in height and 21 inches in width. It weights 3.6 lbs.

40 - 48 L Expandable Tactical Backpack

40-48L Expandable Camping Backpack Review

Now I will talk about the tremendous camping bag in detail.


The expendable bag is made with high quality 600 Denier Polyester material and thus very durable. Backing is constructed with vinyl. As it claims to be perfect as a camping bag and ready for outdoor activities, this bag really fulfills all needs on the day to day basis. The soft back type backpack with back support belt with parachute clasps will turn into your daily companion definitely.

The zippers are extra large and made with heavy duty plastic to last for a long time.The zippers glide smoothly for all of the compartments without any issue. There are side parachute clasps and a back support belt with parachute clasps as well.

Huge Storage

The main selling point of the 40-48L Expandable Camping Backpack is its capacity to store everything you need. The main compartment area is 19 inches by 13 inches and expands from 5 inches to 10 inches to make room for more gear, if necessary.There are two accessory pockets on the front to keep the small accessories such as earphones, two electronic pockets on the shoulder straps and a water bottle mesh pocket. When fully extended this bag’s capacity is 40 to 48 liters or 3920 cubic inches.

There are multiple gear pouches along with a molle webbing to ensure you can do customization according to your needs. There is a hydration compartment which accepts up to 3 liter bladder. Bladder is not included with the bag though.

Even with the molle compartment the bag does not scream tactical and is easily bendable while you are at your outdoor activities.


40-48L Expandable Camping Backpack  is comfortable to use. The vinyl backing is smooth and comfortable for your back. There are internal and external cinching straps to tightly hold the stuff inside and make this backpack compact according to your needs.

It has a secure slip at the front which can be used to attach the bag with the body for a more comfortable fit while you run and I think it will come in handy during those outdoor camping, hiking and trekking trips.

The back support belt size is 20 ½’’X 15’’X 7 ¾ ‘’ to make this comfortable to your body as this is made for overnight trips with keeping in mind that you might be moving around attached with this bag for longer periods of time.

Now I will talk about some pros and cons of this Camping Bag.


  • Made with durable 600 Denier polyester and vinyl backing.
  • Extendable main compartment area up to 5 to 10 inches.
  • Huge storage area with many pockets.
  • Molle compartment for customizing options.
  • Comfortable internal and external cinching belts.
  • Comfortable waist strap to attach with the body.
  • Capacity of 40 to 48 liters.
  • Value for money.


  • The bag is adult sized and thus might not be suitable for school.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I use this bag as a carry on?

A: Yes, and it even fits under the seat without any issue.

Q: Is there an internal support frame in the bag or is it just fabric?

A: Only fabric, no support frame.

Q: Is the top load style or front load style?

A: 40-48L Expandable Camping Backpack is top load style with heavy duty zippers opening completely to the down side.

Q: Is there a chest strap?

A: Yes, there is a small chest strap as well as a waist strap.

Q: Does this bag have molle straps at the bottom to attach a blanket or mat?

A: There are no straps included with the backpack; however, there are open clips at the bottom of the bag for attaching straps of your own.

Q: Where to buy?

Final Verdict

The 40-48L Expandable Camping Backpack is great for outdoor trips like camping, hiking and trekking, as well as day to day chores for a busy lifestyle where you need to fit in all of your stuff in one place. The storage area comes in handy to store all your stuff and the durable fabric with the sturdy bottom will make you feel comfortable about not breaking and spilling everything in the middle of the road.

We will recommend 40-48L Expandable Camping Backpack to anyone looking for a heavy duty comfortable and durable bag to maintain all those needed stuff during the outdoor activities and overnight trips.

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