Best Destinations To Travel Alone!

As life is so busy in day to day life, we always want some refreshment. But it is totally hard to get time and company together. So sometimes we need to visit alone. Friends and family members are tired and busy in work, so they cannot give accompany. That does not mean that one cannot visit alone. One should take the initiatives to visit because it will give one refreshment. It is scary in some aspects but it is fun also. But where to go? Get your bucket list ready, because here are some of the best travel destinations in the world.

Best Destinations To Travel Alone


Sydney, Australia

First of all it is a English language country, so one will not face problem of mutual understanding. Secondly there are so many beautiful places to see like Opera house, La Parouse, Canberra. Therefore there are so many beaches in Australia one can do some adventurous tasks.


Thailand is known for its friendly environment .As it is  very known for cheap prizes one can visit in budget. Infact Thailand has several beautiful places to visit.There are some beaches where one can do relax in a good weather. Soit is a must place to visit as a backpacker.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great place if one want to visit because it is also country of peace. There are some recreational activities with surfing, volcanoes and many more adventures. This country does not have any kind of political unrest or class struggles.So it is also a must place to visit.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country to visit, one can do plenty of adventure there. Like horse riding, surfing, skiing, hiking, jet boating and many more things. Therefore people there speak in English and it is also a peaceful country. And therefore it is a island one can ride in big ships like titanic which is always fun.


Nepal is a beautiful mountainous country. Recently this country faces earthquake but it is also a place to visit as a backpacker. Travellers who are good trackers like this place so much. There are so many mountains for hacking. It is a great way to get close to traditional mountain people.

New York

To explore the beauty of museum, arts gallery and iconic landmark and many other things, so it is also a must place to visit.


Jordan is a gentle introduction to the Middle East, so to know the Middle East culture, tradition and to enjoy the scenic beauty one should visit this place. Ancient places, dead sea and desserts are best places to visit. Therefore one will get invitation to drink and eat in the way to travel as it is a friendly place to visit.


When one visits a place, he or she want to take risks and adventure and for this Alaska is the best place to visit. Alaska is known for its open spaces, mountains, forests, many wildlife and abundant spaces. It is a destination for outdoor activities like mountain biking, skiing and many more things to do. So a backpacker can visit this place alone.


This country has everything like mountain safari, beaches of Goa and the great forest Sundarban also. So a backpacker can visit this place for different kinds of experiences like meeting people of different traditions, a place of great diversity, ancient places. The beauty of TAJ MAHAL will also attract a backpacker. Besides it is a cheap place to visit.


For a backpacker Indonesia is a great place to visit because it has so many islands like Bali, samba and many more .To enjoy the scenic beauty of beaches and do surfing it is a must place to visit.


There is plenty to do in this budget friendly country. After seeing the colonel buildings of Granada, drive 20 minutes to the town of Masaya, where the volcano Laguna de Apoyo dazzels visitors with its warm, bright blue waters. Nicaragua is also a great place to volunteer. The best months to travel are December & February when the temperature stays below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


Peru is really an amazing place to visit. Backpacking Peru will be an unpredictable, unforgettable adventure. It will also be a fun to be well known with Spanish people, as most of the population does not speak English .The capital LIMA is a good place to start as a backpacker. So this is another place to visit.


Turkey is a best place to visit because of its culture, cuisine and tradition. It has a bridge between Asian and European culture. It has just become increasingly best place to visit as a backpacker for its landscapes, historical place and also known for Byzantine and Ottoman empires. So it is another best place to visit.


Albania is a great place to visit as it will be cheap for backpackers. It is a cheap alternative of Greece and Italy. Besides the capital city is always busy but there is peace. The eternal landscapes, ancient places and many more things are stored in Albania which will attract a backpacker. So it will be a great place to visit.


Some people will think that visiting Mexico is dangerous ,but so long one take precautions one can enjoy the beauty of this large city. Mexico’s bustling great population is always a fun for backpackers. In fact it also cheap for backpackers to visit.


London is beautiful city. People of many kinds live here. For a backpacker it will be great place to visit to know the truth of different traditions and culture. The beautiful river London Tames is always beautiful to see. Though it is not a cheap place to visit, visiting this place will give so much experiences. So this is another place to give a visit.


SOUTH AMERICA is not cheap but a person can give a visit to this place as it is one of the hidden places of South America where backpackers can spend a few dollar and enjoy a lot. Bolivia is such a place of exotic charm of SOUTH AMERICANS with friendly budget. So thus could be another place to visit.


Ethopia is another place for backpackers. A place of natural beauty with mountains,forets and also cheap. Besides it is less population country. So there is peace and so much serenity there.Infact a backpacker will also get help from natives as it has a friendly environment.Authentic and tasty meal will also cost less amount. So it is also an advantage for a backpacker.


Cambodia is backpackers paradise,and the landscape is designed for backpacking trips. And the extreme  advantage is about the public transportation that is unreliable ,ancient and cramped. The beautiful trade off for all this character is an entire country where backpackers can survive for weeks at a time on the average allowence of 8 year old.


Georgia is the best place to visit as it is quite possibly the most undiscovered eastern european country. And that’s the best plug for backpackers looking for a new country to discover.It is eagerly English speaking country which is trying to increase tourist industry. Prices are quite low and also has the probability of becoming a hub for backpackers in the near future.


This is another place to visit. Though this place is difficult to get in, one can enjoy a country filled with vibrant colours, cultures and traditions. Buses are the best transport there and also cheap. So it will help the backpackers to visit the whole country. Besides this place is peaceful so it will be good for to visit.


Sri Lanka is another place to visit as a backpacker. First of all this place is so rich with culture and tradition and therefore this place is also known for cultural heritage, traditions. This type of things gives so much experience to a backpacker.


Portugal is a stunning coastal heaven for backpackers. Most fly down and begin at Porto, making way leisurely to the Algarve. Besides it is cheap for wine tours, gorgeous scenery, lively festivals, delicious seafood and friendly locals and easy public transport system.

From first to last we have talk about so many places in the world. There are so many unknown places in this world which we have not visited yet. In fact many beautiful places have not been explored or discovered by anyone. A backpacker always try to find some adventure and thus those mentioned place will be a great help for backpackers. In fact now a days day to day life is so busy that nobody is free at all. So when anybody make a plan to go anywhere he or she does not get any kind of opportunity to take friends or family with him and thus they have to visit alone. So when a backpacker

So when a backpacker go alone he or she feels scary and insecurity to visit alone. But if a country is peaceful and people there are friendly they will surely get help from those mentioned place because this places are beautiful and peaceful. There are no political issues in these countries. So visiting this place will be safe and also these places are adventurous. So a backpacker will also get the opportunity to get thrills and fun. May be sometime they fall in problem in visiting alone, but if they want help they will surely get help from those country people a backpackers budget is not high always . so they try to visit places which are cheap. The above mentioned places are cheap to visit, backpackers can visit this place with their small budget and enjoy a lot. Skiing, scuva diving , hiking tracking all these are fun to a backpacker. So beaches like Bali, Goa and many other beaches will be a great fun to them. Ancient places like Tajmahal, Madam

So beaches like Bali, Goa and many other beaches will be a great fun to them. Ancient places like Tajmahal, Madam Tusso museum and many other historical places will be a great place to gain practical experience. We have mentioned countries here but there are several islands like Ireland, Maldives. These are also the places where the backpackers can go. Surely backpacking trips may create problem to comfort zone, but the connection with the nature around with one and the connection with other backpackers can not be undervalued. Travelling on a short budget does not mean to go without exploring the world. It will help one if one knows the information, language ,cultures of the visiting place. In fact much of the world’s not best discovered in a luxury hotel suite, but with few belongings tucked into knapsack. As a backpacker loves to meet new places, like exploring something new, the mentioned places will be of great help. So the mentioned places some are cheeky populated countries and some are like hill tracking countries and some are like ancient historical places. So the mentioned places will help ones demand to visit as a backpacker. Some middle east countries like Iran, Iraq, Egypt they are also places to visit. But there

So the mentioned places some are cheeky populated countries and some are like hill tracking countries and some are like ancient historical places. So the mentioned places will help ones demand to visit as a backpacker. Some middle east countries like Iran, Iraq, Egypt they are also places to visit. But there are some political unrest in this places, so this places are not mentioned. Some places like Pakistan and other asian countries which are beautiful but not peaceful are not mentioned. Besides there are some issues like why people will visit a country like Iran. Because there a backpacker legally can not drink. But there is another place to be mentioned like TIBET, EGYPT. These places are known for tang dynasty and many other things. If one have time to go to a small village named Lhotse, one will the best memos of TIBET. This type of unknown things always gives pleasure to a backpacker. There are some places like Antartica and Amazon,

This type of unknown things always gives pleasure to a backpacker. There are some places like Antartica and Amazon, these places are always a best curiosity to a backpacker to visit alone. But these places are too risky to visit alone. So a backpacker need help of others.But with the help of others like guides and friends, one can visit this places. The world is so beautiful. God has created this world with peace and beauty .but people have limitations. They cannot visit all of the beautiful places. Because some places of beauty are not explored yet. And therefore these places are out of our syllabus. Sometimes hacking, skiing can be dangerous but above all, they give new kind of experience. So the importance of visiting best places of the world is many. But there are some disadvantages. But above all, if one takes good things from anything it will do well.

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