Ultimate Guide of Best Fanny Pack for Travel For 2021

Actually, travel doesn’t always require carrying a backpack or suitcase. Once in a while, all we need are the necessaries and that is the place where best fanny pack for travel can be handy.

No matter you’re traveling or not, you can use the fanny pack in any situations to store your essentials items. Just simply strapped around your waist and you are ready to the way. Moreover, fanny packs also boast the concealed feature to ensure extra security and to save you from checking that you still have your wealth every 5 minutes.

Now you may be wondering where I can buy a fanny pack that offers the security and space you need. Using our best fanny packs for travel reviews and information below and get your favorite one for whatever purpose you need.

What is a Fanny Pack?

A fanny pack is generally a small, compact bag that can be put on in the region of the hips or waist. Using an adjustable strap with the buckle it allows you to fasten it as much as you need. No matter your bag is sitting on the hips, to the frontal side or slightly to the back–fanny pack is an efficient and comfortable way to store your items with you. Surprisingly, what was popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s is now once again popular due to its trendy and usefulness designs.

Different Types of Fanny Pack

Whether you ask yourself “what is a fanny pack?” –then you need to know the different types. A huge number of fanny packs are available on the market contains essential features useful for different objectives. Here are the most well-known fanny pack choices:

  • Travel Fanny Pack

This fanny pack can be your perfect companion for everyday use or adventures. Majority of fanny packs are made of from synthetic fabrics like polyester and gives a sporty look. Generally, they feature a few compartments such as a roomy main compartment and some small zippered pockets. They allow you to keep your, camera, passport, phone, money, and other essentials. Using a travel fanny pack is the best way to store your valuable items safely.

  • Lumber / Hiking Fanny Pack

This kind of pack is must for all kinds of camping and hiking. Whether you’re planning for an hour hike or multi-day journey, the hiking pack will be your best partner. Usually, they are larger and bulkier than a travel fanny pack. These types of packs contain a large pouch kind of like a regular backpack; the only difference is smaller and more mobile version of that.

Mostly military personals (As well as for hunters also) needs reflex action and quick thinking. Storing your important items in close to your hand and prepare for use is highly useful.  They often design in camo or khaki green color and keeping your hands free of all day.

  • Hydration Fanny Pack

As the name suggests, this particular type of fanny pack is designed to carry a water during exercise like running. Also, it’s perfect for a hike, long walks especially for a hot and dry climate. A silicon sac contains in the hydration pack to hold your water. With a straw, you can easily get access to the water. So, you don’t need to remove or adjusting the bag.

Consider the Following Factors while looking for the Best Fanny Pack

There are some factors you should be considered while buying a fanny pack. The factors may be an increase or decrease according to your needs.

  • Why Do You Need a Fanny Pack?

Do you plan to go on a hike or for everyday use? What things do you want to carry in a fanny pack? Only the important items like wallet and phone and the rest of them will go in a backpack. Then you should consider buying the classic fanny pack. If you want to go for a shorter hike, only carrying the fanny packs. Then consider the hiking fanny bag–it’s larger than a travel fanny pack and can accommodate a water bottle as well. In short, choose a one that can meet your demands and needs.

  • Which Size Fanny Pack Should You Get?

According to your preference, choose your size. If you choose a bag which is too much large, you can keep lots of items in it. And if you pick a one that is too small, you won’t have enough room for everything.

If you’re planning to spend a day in Disneyland, it’s better to buy a regular fanny pack. It’ll be large enough to fit your phone, cards, and money as well. Before purchasing check the dimensions of the bag’s compartments because some fanny packs are much small and would not fit as much as others.

  • How Many Compartments and Pockets are there?

A fanny pack comes with several pockets to keep certain items separate like credit cards keep separately from the phone for extra security. Usually, a large compartment comes with all products but some have rare pockets inside to keep money or other valuable items safe.

  • Is It comfortable and Lightweight?

A fanny pack will allow you to take some of your strains off your back while carrying. So, this is a consideration to think about when you need to carry a lot of things. Now the question is where to get a fanny pack that is lightweight in nature? A travel fanny pack will be the best option as it designed to be worn in a long period of time.

Go through our well-judged review to discover perfect travel waist pack for you:

Best Fanny Pack for Travel Purpose

If you want a fanny pack for trips to Disney or hiking, traveling or just a lighter pack for everyday use – you should be capable of to search the suitable fanny pack here.

  1. WATERFLY Fanny Pack

WATERFLY Fanny Pack Review

Best Travel Fanny Pack

One of the biggest names in the waist bag industry who sells and makes fanny packs at an affordable price is WATERFLY. This particular WATERFLY Fanny Pack is another great example of their quality. This can be an excellent choice for hiking, camping, trekking, cycling, and other outdoor activities. Undoubtedly, excellent compact fanny packs for travel, even for women, men, and kid. Simply, it’s pleasant looking and stylish.

If you’re planning to spend a day on a boat or travel in an area that is prone to rain, then you must opt for WATERFLY Fanny Pack. The pack is made of premium quality water-resistant materials. Meaning, it can serve you in a splash of water or to some extent in heavy rain.  Remember, not to submerge it into the water.

The size of the portable waist bag is a standard one. From the image, it might look small but it’s not. This fanny pack is compact rather flat yet its compartments are roomy enough. You will get 4 separate zipper pockets in total. In which it has one large zipper compartment, 2 smaller front pockets, and one rare zipper pocket to stash your passport, money, and other important belongings that you need to keep dry and invisible to others.

You can use the main compartment to accommodate a wallet, phone (under 5.6” screen), and a bottle of 500ml.  Most importantly, it doesn’t look bulky while it’s fully packed. However, it has an inner clip for keys or other important items that you don’t want to slip out. In a way we can say that its one of the best anti-theft fanny pack.

WATERFLY Fanny Pack is not only a compact choice but a fashionable one. It’s available in different colors including purple, grey, green, red, and black. No matter what color you want to choose, the adjustable belt comes in grey. The strap can fit comfortably to the body without providing discomfort. It made with nylon so that it can eliminate sweating against the body while you’re walking. Also, it’s reflective intensity while you are walking in the dark.


  • Made with high-grated water-resistant materials
  • Comes with 4 pockets
  • Stylish and modern looking
  • Very convenient and comfortable


  • The belt seems small for large waist person
    1. FREETOO Waist Pack

Best Anti Theft Fanny Pack

If you’re looking for an attractive fanny pack that is suitable for workout activities, especially for runners, this FREETOO Waist Pack is an ideal option to choose. Certainly the best running fanny packs for travel on our list. Actually, this waist pack boosts up with a unisex design and adjustable straps for excellent outdoors. Its stylish and thoughtful design makes it suitable to carry on most occasions.

FREETOO Waist Pack is made from superior-quality 1000D polyester with a great level of craftsmanship. This fabric is robust and tear-resistant. It features a buckle made from durable ABS plastic and zipper head is made from a zinc alloy that is then electroplated with nickel. In short, it’s durable, long lasting at the same time soft materials making it the best fanny pack for men you can buy today.

This waist bag is made with organization and space in mind. The bag comes with 5 separate zippered pockets. Each pocket’s size is varying but they offer enough storage space. In the large pocket, you can hold a water bottle of 16oz. Besides, a hidden small concealed zippered compartment makes it the best anti theft fanny pack on the market which gives your valuable things extra security.

Also, a flat zippered pocket located behind the waistband which provides extra security and helps to organize item while keeping up the slim manner. However, the zippers are high-quality, easy to slide and modern design.

Measurement of this waist bag is 5.5 inches height, 3.5 inches width, 13.8 inches length. It also features a 1.5inches width of an adjustable strap which can extend 30-40 inches. The straps come with a reliable buckle that ranges from 30-42 inches. As the adjustment process is very easy so you can even adjust it according to your needs. Plus, you are allowed to wear it in a different style as well.


  • Build with sturdy 1000D Polyester
  • Strong, comfortable and long-lasting
  • Heavy duty electroplate zippers
  • Allow you to wear it in various styles


  • No excess lining in the exterior
  • The straps should be bit bigger


    1. Herschel fifteen hip pack

Best Fanny Pack for Men

Thinking of traveling or spend the weekend somewhere soon? Well, then you actually need to try this Herschel fifteen hip pack. This pleasant and modern looking waist pack can hold your essential items without looking oversized or bulky.

Also, this waist pack can protect your important belongings better than any purse or backpack. So, erase the tension of losing your things.  Even still you’re getting worried about your money and passport, so then my recommendation is to look for the best anti-theft fanny pack from our list.

The 100% polyester fabric is used in making of the Herschel fifteen hip packs. Unlike other fabrics, this one is stretchable and closes to the woven so fewer chances to potential tears. Also, its water resistant quality makes it more attractive to the girls who love rain a lot. Even at any time, you feel the bag needs cleaning just wash it and it will come out as a newer one. Surprisingly, it’s not only water resistant but also fade resistant and offers a shiny and glossy finish look.

With a decorative Hoffman California prints design; this waist pack gives off a very modernistic look. Actually, it’s sporty looks is responsible to make it the best fanny pack for men. Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect companion for any landscape you want to go. With a single zipper, you can easily pack all your small things in it.

The metal exposed zipper and shiny polyester makes this waist pack an irresistible item to the girls that like outdoors.The Herschel fifteen versatile hip pack can be worn around your waist as well as over the shoulder too. The strap is adjustable–it can be expanded 44 ½ inches. Also, a secure buckle comes with the straps for extra protection. Moreover, with a 22 inches shoulder drop straps allows you to wear this pack in a cross body style.


  • Easy to clean with polyester fabrics
  • Compact and durable
  • 22 inches shoulder drop that is large enough
  • Suitable for any day trip
  • Brand logo is woven nicely


  • In terms of few users, zippers pull doesn’t work perfectly


    1. Adidas Originals Waist Pack


Best Unisex Fanny Pack

Whether you are planning to your next Disney trip or want to hike up the Neighborhood Mountains, the Adidas Originals Waist Pack will be your best companion and support. This waist pack is extensively popular due to its practical performance and construction quality. This unisex design can be worn by both men and women. Moreover, you can wear it on the town to luxurious yourself without having a ton of stuff in your pockets.

The Adidas Originals Waist Pack is constructed with 100% polyester fabric. Meaning it is one of the robust and sturdy waist packs that will not let down you in any circumstances. The materials of this pack is not just contained water resistant capacity but anti-abrasion too. That means, it can serve you in heavy rain. Moreover, your important items for instance mobile and money will not get wet during the harsh weathers and terrains.

It is everywhere and everyday use pack. This waist pack is very practical and ideal for a dog walker, casual use, and even jaunt lovers. Through its bit thicker and wider than other fanny packs but still, users compliment it as the best waist pack. There are one main compartment and one small zipper front pocket. With 2 zippered pockets, you can organize your items nicely.

Besides, a key fob has ensured extra security to your keys. In the front pocket, you can easily keep a large Smartphone. On the other hand, main compartment can hold a small 500ml bottle with enough places to spare.

The adjustable straps also made from polyester fabric. With a clip buckle, it’s very simple to fasten and release. The buckle comes with a push button system which ensures extra comfort and security to hold the waist pack.


  • Polyester material is very simple to maintain and clean
  • Convenient for any outdoor occasion
  • Adjustable straps help to maintain users preference
  • Not looks like oversized or bulky
  • Attractive and stylish


  • Some consumers feel uncomfortable about the straps
  1. Oxpecker Waist Pack

Oxpecker Waist Pack ReviewOxpecker Waist Pack ReviewOxpecker Waist Pack ReviewBest Waist Pack for Both Men and Women

Who doesn’t want to have a ton of stuff in a small pack? For that Oxpecker Waist Pack comes to fulfill your wish. Crafted with compact and efficient design, this one surely ended your search for the best travel fanny pack. Like other suggested fanny packs, this one is strongly constructed but yet flexible to use. This waist pack is comfortable and multi-functional with lightweight nature. It weighs just 9.6 ounces only.

This waist pack is well-constructed with superior-quality materials which and why you don’t need to worry about the durability. Made with 1200D polyester, that is water resistant, breathable, and soft. Even a rain cover comes with it to keeps your things protected and allows you to enjoy its clean performance. There is also a lining of 210T nylon used in the inside of this fanny pack. It makes it more weather resistant and long lasting without having any issue.

Presence of the adjustable straps is the crucial feature of this waist pack. The straps are made from robust materials so it enhances the durability of this bag. So, you can use it for a long period of time. The waist strap can adjust the sizes from up to 40 inches. It’s a kind of mediate size bag.

The dimension of this pack is approximately 5 inches height, 2.75 inches width, and 9 inches length. Due to its adjustable feature, it can be used both as shoulder and waist bag. Simply to say, it’s a stylish and multi-functional waist pack with practical design.

Oxpecker Waist Pack comes with 5 separate zipper pockets in varying sizes. There is a roomy large zippered pocket suitable to hold a 16oz of a water bottle. Inside the main compartment, a hidden zippered pocket is also available to provide your things with extra security. The zippered pockets in front of the main compartment are also big enough. You can keep essential items like Keys, ID, tissue, and small pouch etc.


  • Made from 1200D Polyester materials
  • Multi-functional waist pack
  • Enough Roomy compartments


  • In users point of view, the rain cover does not work as expected
    1. Blue sky BASICS Waterproof Pouch

Best Waterproof Fanny Pack

Blue sky BASICS Waterproof Pouch is the last entry in our list. With a top closure design, this bag is a well-constructed and cheaper option that is worth to consider while you are working on a tight budget. However, carrying a backpack is not important when you want to carry a few things such as phone and money.

One of the best alternatives of the dry bag is a waterproof waist bag to keep the most essential personal belongings with you all the times.Unlike other competitors, this waist bag has a top class closure design that ensures additional protection from the water. If the weather condition is poor or you may fully submerge within the water, this waterproof pouch will remain your items dry.

The triple seal zip lock protection will allow you to go as deep as 10 feet underwater and the content of the bag will be dry. So, have you any doubt about this best waterproof fanny pack? If so, check it before using.

Personally, I like the fact of the bag is transparent and touch screen friendly. So, you can check the content easily of your bag without the need of opening the bag up.  Moreover, you will never miss any notifications or text while enjoying the great outdoors. Some people think that it will encourage the thieves, but most of the people like the bag in this manner.

This waterproof fanny pack is available with 2 packs bundle. It becomes a great choice for paddlers who require a basic and smaller fanny pack to store phone or money. Offering lifetime warranty and triple seal protection, this little hip pack works well for any water adventures.


  • Suitable for tropical vacations
  • Has adjustable shoulder straps
  • Completely waterproof and sand proof
  • Solid and comfortable


  • Cannot with stand in extended submersion
    1. Fydelity fanny pack


    Best Fanny Pack for Women

    Looking for a stylish and adorable fanny pack? The Fydelity fanny pack comes in a funky design. This chic design has to make it the best funky fanny pack for festivals, parties, beach or just strolling around the town. Certainly, it’s the best trendy pack on our list. If you want to make a splash with one of these fanny packs, then you definitely love this option.

    What is better than one zipper pocket? With Fydelity fanny pack, you not just get a small pack that keeps your personal belongings close to your body on the main compartments, but a pack that does not skimp on style. Plus, striking fanny packs are hard to come by, but this grace ticks all our boxes, from the spacious design to secure zipper. It has comes with plenty of spaces for your phone, sunglass, lip bum, festival tickets, and camera etc.

    There is nothing excellent than a bag that can be worn in many ways. Carry it around your bum, hips, or sling it over your shoulder as a cross-body and you’re just ready to go. With the multiple capacities of worn this waist bag, you can choose the right solution to carry the bag as needed. Measurement of this pack is 9X5.5 inches and come with an adjustable strap.

    It can be extended as long as 70cm to 110cm. However, with a quick release buckle, you’re able to adjust the right width to fit your body. Most importantly, the strap is made with a cotton blend so it won’t disturb your skin even if you wear it all day long.

    The fanny pack you embrace it so conveniently, now it’s time to display its inner fashionista. With this classic black and white checkerboard print, you don’t need to sacrifice your hip-hop style. Also, thanks to its lightweight design-it help you to forget that you are wearing it.


    • The modern and fashionable print
    • Super lightweight design
    • Flat yet not bulky
    • Fully worthy of money
    • Compact and easy to use


    • Nothing bad to say regarding this bag


    This was all the reviews of a best fanny pack for travel. Each of them has to boast with multi features along with stylish design. All of them are well-constructed with breathable and durable fabrics.

    Now it’s time to choose one for yourself. Once you have decided that is the time to go with a fanny pack, literally your back and shoulder will be thankful for this change. The fanny pack will provide you with the best way to having variety of items with what you can carry from one trip to another.

    However, if you’re a travel enthusiast, you surely need a fanny pack. After buying you’ll definitely going to love them and can carry them every time.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this article of best fanny pack for travel. We hope you have a great day.