Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review

Whether you have an interest in hiking or adventures activities, a good bag is an absolute companion for your gear. No denying we face many challenges to find out the right bag. There are hundreds of models of Assault backpack on the market. In them, based on quality and material Condor 3 Day Assault Pack is worth to consider. This bag’s rugged construction, sturdy and comfortable quality gives a prime focus to the backpacking community. While you looking for a spacious design and organize backpack, then this will not disappoint you at all.

Pros and Cons of Condor 3 Day Assault Pack :

✓ Strong stitches and build materials
✓ Shoulder straps for comfortable loads
✓ Perfect size side pockets
✓ Fully adjustable bag
✓ Multiple compartment
✓ Great for travelling
✗ Zippers are looks fussy
✗ Some find pockets are quite flimsy
✗ Feels bit heavier that advertise
✗ Hip belt not so good

 What is Condor 3 Pack?

Condor is one of the renowned manufacturer brands for supplies bags and other outdoor products. For many years they have been producing trusted quality campaign and survival gear. As, the Condor 3 Day Assault Pack – is their signature product so it has given more recognition. With no exception, it becomes popular in the pepper world. Either this bag is perfect for someone who needs various pockets for an organization or tactical minded.

Made with high-quality materials, for instance, the models are long lasting. They have comfortable and spacious designs so that an individual can travel easily at top places. This bag holding up to 50 litres, it might be too big for some users. Total 7 compartments provide enough space to carry a lot of gears in a best possible way.

 What Can Condor 3 Backpack Make?

The Condor 3 camping bag becomes a far and foremost choice of people. Whether you go for hiking, camping, mission or anywhere this is an absolute solution for bag lovers. In addition, this amazing quality bag can use in daily commutes like school and office as well.

With the robust look and plenty of storage space, this stunning pack can hold up to 50L. There are 7 compartments on this pack so you have enough space to organize. Still, with plenty of pockets and pouches, can keep and get the things easily. Even this large pack has sometimes not enough for some users. In that case, you can hang various things outside the pack to make it large.

It made with 1000 Denier water-resistant nylon and this is one of the durable materials used in the pack. So in the rain, it can save you for a while. In case of heavy rain, it is better to carry a rain cover to protect your gear.

Even take much stuff; you can comfortably carry the bag. As the shoulder straps are wide enough so it will not cut into in a few minutes. The foam pad back panel gives cushion and provides airflow to prevent sweating. In addition, it also features a hip belt that removes much burden from your shoulder and back.

 Condor 3 Day Assault Pack–Design and Specifications

Among many, the Condor 3 Day Assault backpack is best for hiking and camping. Basically, the brand Candor designed to keep the functionality in mind. As they have years of experience of designing, it shows with their versatile backpack. The thought process and fining details that went into creating this bag are flawless. Have a look at it,

Features of Condor 3 Day

As the bag comes with a great amount of versatility, it becomes users favourite choice. Let’s take a closer look at some key features that make it best in its class.

• 7 different pockets design for the easily organization.
• Max storage capacity for 3 days is 3038 cubic inches
• Separate compartment for hydration
• Extremely durable made of 1000 Denier
• For airflow and extra control have individual foam pad
• Two double zippers for pulls
• Wrist belt and sternum strap for stability
• Heavy duty carry and drag handle
• Holding up to 50 litres

Technical Details

All the information summarized in the table below,

 What Do We Love About Condor 3 Day Assault Pack ?

Condor 3 Day Assault is a comfortable and versatile bag in the current market. This is the first backpack that design to think survival quality. Its high-end use and durable design grab the users’ attention easily. Let’s see and find out does it make any to us,

Hydration Compartments

A backpack design is very crucial when it comes as survival matter. In this pack, hydration compartment is large enough to hold two 3L hydration bladders. This hydration system has a Velcro pocket flaps that hold the water bladder tightly and keeps the water out. Also, allow the user to access it easily and drinking to the hydration system to protrude. All the zippers have built with water resistant capacity, which makes it an award-winning bag.

MOLLE and Velcro Webbing

MOLLE and Velcro’s external attachments increase the bag size and durability even more. You can hang several things outside the pack to make it more attracting and special. In addition, to make it organize or tactical hang something that is silence.

Let’s Watch a Video Review :


The Condor 3 has shown as a versatile backpack. It has varieties of available colours and can be used for every purpose. Including Multicam, it comes with five attracting colours. Therefore, in any surrounding this bag can easily blend/cover you.

All in all this backpack have 7 compartments and that is huge. The main compartment is very generous 3,038 cubic inches and total capacity is 50L. This extremely rugged bag made from 1000 Denier water-resistant nylon to make it as a high-end bag.

One important notes of this versatile pack are not waterproof. Some measures are taken to make this bag water resistant but it cannot keep things fully dry. However, some grommets used around the bag ensure it has some ability to adequate drain.

Is It Right To Buy?

Best Suited
Perfect for hunting, traveling and daily commutes as well

Summing Up

Take a flight with extremely comfortable The Condor 3 Day Assault Pack. Made with high-quality materials and perfect design –this best surviving bag can last for a long time. With a wide range of storage options, make it becomes a backpackers dream. Its shoulder straps and the hip belt is very adjustable. Therefore, it can fit your body perfectly. This is a great choice for people looking to build their own bug. While it’s outer shell is durable and tons of storage options keep your gears organized. So, act wise and search a suitable bag that meets your needs in every aspect.

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