How to Clean a Backpack

Does your backpack accompany with you through rough hikes? Or it just faces the day-to-day strains of traveling in the town?

Usual wear and tear & dirt can receive its toll on backpacks. Everyday wiping can reduce the dirt and dust building up. Even that your backpack is really dirty and has begun to spread bad odor, you’re going to have to clean it properly. No matter you clean it by hand or use washing machine, regain you backpack to its original image by going through the manufacturer’s cleaning instruction and easy care tips.

Here this article runs through accurately how to clean a backpack in the washing machine or by hand. Follow our guide with easy steps.

How to Clean a Backpack :

  • Wipe Off Any Loose Debris

Use a wet cloth to remove the dust outside of the bag. This will assure you no solid debris gets mixed in the water you want to use for cleaning the bag. Remember do not rub the dust so harshly because this process can damage the fabric.

  • Remove Unnecessary Things

You should be removed any detachable straps and pockets to clean it separately. It’s because they are small in size and can cause damage while get caught in the washing machine. Also needs to trim any loose thread around or near the zippers because they’re tending to further damage. Plus, remove any metal frames from the backpack.

  • Look Into the Backpack Care Instruction

Almost every backpack comes with a cleaning instruction label. Usually, they provide you the exact information of cleaning and drying the bag.  So you can clean the bag in the best possible way in consider the bag materials. Generally, you can find the label inside the largest storage section of the backpack.

  • Empty Your Backpack

Make sure you vacant all the pockets and compartments before cleaning your backpack. Leave the pockets unzipped so that all the corners of the bag can get cleaned during washing.

Cleaning by Hand :

If you want to go with the old fashion hand washing method, then follow the below steps,

  1. Pre-Treat:

Choose any pre treatment stain remover for minimizing the dirty spot but don’t use bleach. Use an old toothbrush or soft brush to rub away the dirt and let the mixer set for 30 minutes. Most of the spot should come off when you wash the backpack.

If you don’t have any pre treatment, immersed your brush in a 50:50 water and detergent solution.

  1. Fill a Bathtub or Sink

Depending on the size of the backpack, you can choose the cleaning equipment. Use a sink for small backpack and bathtub for large backpack. Doesn’t use hot water because it can cause colors run form certain fabrics.

Even some backpacks material you can’t fully submerge because it can harm the fabric. If your cleaning label instructs you not to fully submerge the backpack, use a damp cloth to clean it.

  1. Mix the Gentle Cleanser to the Water

The cleanser you use has to be free of fragrance, chemical and dyes. The reason is harsh chemical detergent can hamper you backpack’s materials. Plus dyes and fragrance can disturb your skin.

So, you can consult through manufacturer’s forum and sites to know the best soap for your backpack.

  1. Scrub Your Backpack

Scrub the backpack with a soft cloth or brush, mainly focus the dirty areas. You can also use either toothbrush for tough stains or sponge for delicate materials.

A toothbrush is good for hard to receive and ground-in spots where a sponge could do better for mesh areas than cloth.

  1. Thoroughly Rinse the Backpack

Flow out the dirty water and fill the sink with clean cool water. Rinse the backpack thoroughly and squeeze out the bag as the best of your capabilities.

Careful about the zippers, foam, and straps areas while squeezing so you do not damage them. To remove the excess water, you can fold it with a thick towel.

  1. Dry It

Dry the bag naturally rather use drying machine. Keep the bag in the upside down position with unzipped the pockets as it protects your bag from direct heat.

Avoid using dryer machine because it can damage your backpack’s fabric. And make sure your backpack is completely dry before put it inside. As you know mold can grow in a moist fabric.

Cleaning by Washing Machine :

  1. Pre-treat with Stain Remover

No matter if you use any natural remover or branded one, make sure the remover you use doesn’t bleach or affect the colors of your backpack. Depending on the intensity of the stain, you need to soak the backpack before cleaning.

A 50:50 water and liquid detergent mixer can work well if any cleanser is not available at home. Simple dipped the toothbrush to the solution and scrub into the stain.

  1. Check the Washing Process

In case of machine wash follow the cleaning instruction like use cold water and circle gently etc. If you backpack is designed with decals or jewels, you may need to wash it by hand. Otherwise the design of the bag will be brutally destroy.

  1. Place Your Backpack in a Laundry Sack/ Pillowcase

Place your backpack in any old pillowcase or laundry bag in order to protect any zippers or straps from getting caught in the machine meanwhile damaging both machine and bag. Also, you can turn the bag inside out if it’s too large.

  1. Make Sure Machine is clean

Don’t clean your backpack with other clothes to eliminate the chance of soaking color into your backpack. You need to run the washing machine an empty wash to clean the detergent left from previous washes.

  1. Add the Washing Detergent

Use the suggested amount of detergent as the washer fills with water. Make sure you use the gentle circle with cold water to wash your backpack. Once the circle is complete, take out the backpack and wipe down the compartments of the bag.

Regular detergent can hamper certain type of materials so make sure you read the cleaning instruction properly.

  1. Dry Your Rucksack

Once the cleaning is complete, remove the bag from pillowcase and keep it aside to dry. Hang the bag in the upside down position rather dryer so that it can dry more evenly.

Before storing it away, check the bag is completely dry or not. Because leaving the bag dry can maximize the chance of damage.

Cleaning Technique of Best Backpack Brands :

How to Clean a Jansport Backpack

Jansport is a renowned name in the backpack industry for years with its both simple and complicated designs. A variety of materials including nylon and robust polyester are used to make their backpack. Even most of them have lather-reinforced base. Any bag whether you used it frequently or gently, needs to wash them in a regular basis.

No matter what type of fabric is used, the manufacturer Jansport.com is advice strictly about not to use anything rather plain water and cloth.

Avoid using bleach, detergent, and specially machine wash.

How to Clean a Herschel Backpack

Using some finest crosshatch patterns, styles, and materials like light to mid range loads, the Herschel manufacturer build their backpack thinking comfort and flexibility in mind. They are well-known for their impressive look and tough build quality. But all these backpacks get the same instruction while it comes to washing.

This Herschel Company has advice using mild soap for instance Dove or Ivory soap and hand washing for their all backpacks.  If your bag is very dirty, it’s best to use the steady stream of running water. Gently use the warm water along with the soap bar to get the bag thoroughly wet. Plus, run the soap in circular motions in order to get a good result.

Remember, no twisting or wringing allowed, just shake it off for a few times to let the water drip from it.

How to Clean a North Face Backpack

According to the statistic of 2007, JanSport was the largest backpack manufacturer in the world. To accompany them North Face also included in this list. Now these two sister brands dominate the market of small backpack sales in the United States. Their backpacks are not only made from built to last materials but also easy to care. Routine clearing can ensure their outstanding performance and enhance their lifespan.

Sometimes our bags get messed up like our wallet. Cleaning a backpack is the ideal opportunity to ensure what exactly goes back in. Don’t panic to rinse it frequently to remove the dirt. You goal is not just to move the dirt around rather entrap it on the rag and move it to the water.

Do not submerge the North Face backpack fully into the water. Spot the stain and wash it using mild laundry detergent.

How to Clean an Osprey Backpack

Osprey is another well-known brand in the backpack industry. Their bags are not just durable and long lasting but also suitable for the different activities.

The manufacturer of this brand recommended using mild soap such as Nikwax Tech Wash, warm water and a soft brush or sponge. There is no science involve to clean it. Handle the bag carefully during cleaning. Avoid applying scrub and using harsh chemicals.

How to Clean a Fjallraven Backpack

Fjallraven Kånken backpacks have become well-known for their outstanding durability and functionality. Plus their wide array of vibrant color choice helps to suit your taste.

To ensure the vibrant color will remain as it is, this brand recommends some unique dying methods. But it does not mean that there is a chance of run the color. To test you can even rub it off on your clothes. Fjallraven advice uses the lukewarm water to soak the bag before you begin to rub the dirt with a soft brush. Hang it up in the ventilated area to make it fully dry.

How to Clean a Vera Bradley Backpack

While you look into the Vera Bradley backpacks, it’s essential to know how to clean it. Only a proper way cleaning will ensure the success rate. Their backpacks come with whimsical patterns and colors along with the trademark. So, the proper care can ensure the color will stay vibrant.

While wash it in the washing machine, use cold water with gentle circle. They suggest detergent for cotton materials not for delicate one.

Wrap UP

Once your backpack is clean properly, you try to keep it this way as long as possible. This will ensure you not to go to the cleaning process so often. Plus, wiping it once in a week might delay require for another wash. Lastly, make sure your backpack is complete dry because moist material can lead to the messy mold situation.

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