How to Clean a Hydration Pack Easily

Welcome to the article about how to clean a hydration pack. It is a system which contain a bladder which is made of rubber or plastics. Normally it is built as a backpack or a waist pack. The bladder of the hydration pack contain water which help the user to drink without using his/her hands. The hydration pack is a less weighted tool which comes with a great help for the wearer. It is designed such a way that help the wearer wear it comfortably. As a result, the wearer can easily do hiking, running, cycling, and biking when carrying it. Sometimes, militaries also use it.

how to clean a hydration pack

The hydration pack is a great invention for biker, cyclist, and militaries. Moreover, it’s a lifesaving kits for distance runner and adventurers. It helps them to keep hydrated every moment. However, most of the wearer are not careful about the hydration pack. They put it lazily after using after using it. As a result, a lot of bacteria can grow inside the ladder. As a result, the hydration pack should be cleaned regularly. However, most of the users don’t know how to use it. But, don’t worry, in this article we will provide you the step by step tutorial about how to clean a hydration pack easily in step by step process.

How to Clean a Hydration Pack Ladder Easily

Cleaning the hydration pack is a super easy task. On the other hand, you can clean it with home components. We have written the step by step process about how to clean a hydration pack in below:

Step- 1:

You will need some bleach, clean water and a bottle brush in this step. So, collect them first. Foam paint brushes with long handle will be better. It will help you to clean all the area of the bladder nicely. First get two table spoon of water and mix them with some clean hot water in the bladder. Mix the water and the bleach in single container and then add them in the bladder. Put it with the mixture for at least one hour.

You can also use the denture cleaner which is known as Efferdent. It is cheap to buy, you can get 40 tablet at 4 dollar. However, don’t use it if you are allergic.

Step- 2:

Now sewer all the parts of the ladder with castile soap or mild dish soap. Rinse away all the bleach and bush way all the blights from with the soap. After cleaning, put the bladders under sun for few hours and completely dry it. It will be better if you hang the bag somewhere so that the whole bags will dry quickly. Moreover, you can also use the electric dyer for quick drying process.

We have cleaned the bladder of hydration pack successfully. However, you will feel a little chlorine taste drinking from the hydration pack for some days. But you can also remove it by using the baking soda. Add half cup of baking soda with water. Now soak the bladder in it for some hours. After that, there will be no feel of chlorine in the time of drinking.

How to Clean a Hydration Pack Ladder Hose

The hose is another important part of the hydration pack. Water come out from this away for drinking. As it is the outer part, there is more dust in this area. So it should be cleaned carefully. Cleaning the hydration pack is a little bit harder than the ladder.

Hydration pack ladder hose

However, we will give you detailed information about cleaning it. Here is the process of cleaning the hose of your hydration pack:

Step-1: First, disconnect the hose from the bladder. Also pull off the bite valve from the valve

Step- 2: Rub the hose with a small brush. The tube cleaning brush will be a better choice for doing this task.

Step-3: Now get some paper towel, make them wet and fill the hose with them.

Step-4:  After that push them and they will come out from the down side of the hose. It will clean the hose completely.

Step-5: Dry the hose completely after wash for at least one hours like the ladder.  It will help to kill all the bacteria perfectly.

Hydration Pack Tips

You can get your best from a hydration pack if you follow some tips and tricks. Moreover, you can use it for a longer time if you use it with proper care. The below listed tips will help you to keep your hydration pack usable for a long time:

  1. As the hydration pack is used in outdoor try to clean it in every week.
  2. After using the hydration pack rinse it and let it dry for an hour. Then put both bladder and hose separately in the freeze. As a result, the moist will be ice and you can easily clean them before using again.
  3. If you need to clean the hydration pack urgently, you can use the denture tablet. Just fill the bladder with water and put it in the bag for an hour. This is an easy and cheap process.
  4. Try to clean your hydration pack after every use. It will help to keep the bag germ free and clean.
  5. After using the hydration pack, the backpack become sweaty and adored. So you will also need to clean it properly. You can soak it in the hot or normal water with soaps and then clean it. It will help you to keep the backpack clean and fresh.

Keeping the backpack clean and effective is very important for a wearer. If you own a hydration pack, then you should must clean it every week for better hydration. It will also give a positive impact on your health and training. The above mentioned techniques will help you to clean your hydration pack easily. If you have any question about the article how to clean a hydration pack then please let us know it by comment.

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