How to Fix a Zipper on a Backpack – Don’t Need To Throw Your Gear Away

Many of us own backpacks that we dearly love and on the off possibility, if you have found out the zipper suddenly get off from the zipper track, we often lose heart. In today’s time zipper fixing and like such repair shops are hard to come by and therefore, it’s better to know easy ways to make such repair works yourself.

How to Fix a Zipper on a BackpackHow to Fix a Zipper on a Backpack

Want to know the way of how to fix a zipper on a backpack? There is an array of ways you can try to settle the zipper on a backpack. Just a small amount of effort might help you to regain your backpack’s adornments.

Before throwing your gear away, attempt to use these tried and true tricks for repairing a zipper. We will walk you through how to fix a zipper on a backpack yourself.

How to Fix a Zipper on a Backpack :

Required Zipper Repair Tools :

  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Longer length zipper than the opening one
  • Pliers
  • Lighter
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Scissors

Examine Your Zipper Damage

Determine the zipper problem will help us to fix it. Often a zipper will not close any of the zip fasteners ratchets and hanging in the halfway- it might be on the reasons that a zipper needs to be repaired. If this happens, after using some time the zipper track will not coordinate with each other or end up stuck.

To resolve the problems, all you have to do is don’t worry though and determine we can save the zipper.

Fixing the Immovable Zipper

If your zipper is stuck in one place, using the following tips can allow you to get a backpack zipper unstuck.

  • Using plumbago to grease up the zipper. After that, if zipper won’t move, apply oil can make them move.
  • You can buy a plumbago stick to use it for grease. If you don’t have it, you can utilize a 2B pencil.
  • Gently move it on the zip cog and avoid the hard moving so that it can break the slider.
  • To moves down the cog, use the glide all over to the point.

Take off the Zipper thingy

If your zipper half hanging on the Jaws of Life and track was damaged, it’s the time it had to go.

This can be done by the wedge of a screwdriver with the pliers into its side.

Provide a sharp twist to the screwdriver so that it can open the side wide enough. This makes it easy to slip the zip off it track.

After that, it’s very easy to remove the zipper thingy.

Sew Back the Track

What, Sew it back on?

Yes, you heard right.

Now, you might want to ask something. If you sew it back on, so why you replace it?

First of all, you’re not replacing the current one. You’re stitching the new zipper right over the used one. Even you don’t require breaking the previous stitching.

While you take the stitch to its previous position, the track was pulled out even though it sewed it back on it didn’t zip correctly. This is why; sew back the track as best as you can.

Attach a New Zipper

Just take a zipper, look for its center and match the same with the top center. No matter if you don’t know to stitch; just following the previous stitch pattern is fair enough.

You can start down from the certain top side.  Once you are done one side, again start from the center top and work down the other side. Make sure avoid the uneven sew line and gap forming.

Since you have back in the zipper device, make sure zipper ratchet and hauls resituated nicely.

Flip the Bag Inside Out

While one side of the 2 zippers are sewn simultaneously flip the bag inside out and repeat the process to the other side. It is better to start from the center top and work down of both sides.

Remember should not unzip the new zipper until sewing is done completely. It ensures the zippers get sew evenly when open or shut off the bag.

Finishing Up

While tracks are sewing, you need to sew the ends of the zipper as well. Press the end of the zippers together and stitch them tightly. Make sure you use the double stitch because they tend to be pulling out every time you open and close the zip.

The excess track needs to be cut off and a lighter can be used to burn the edges so that it will prevent fraying.

Once these steps are complete flip the bag to the right side out. It’ll help you to see the final work.

It would be better to strengthen your stitches as it can withstand with everyday use and pressure.

How to Eliminate the Future Zipper Issues :

Usually, zipper problems occur because of the misuse and proper carrying can minimize the chances of damage. However, it can extend your backpack’s lifespan.

Helpful tips to maintain your zippers :

  • Do not overload your backpack. It’s not only making the bag bulky even squeeze it in extra time will tension the zipper.
  • Open the zipper fully to put your belongings inside. If the bag’s zipper is not wider enough, this will be the reason the teeth tear apart and you zippers can get stuck in the coming times.
  • You should not be hard with the zipper, as it can cause to damage even before. If you don’t need to use the backpack urgently, then give some time and try it later.
  • Most importantly, try to clean the zippers after very adventures. According to the manufacturer need to give your backpack a great wipe.

Wrap Up

It’s not an easy job to figure out how to fix a zipper on a backpack. But a little bit of finesse and patient can make all the differences, hence, protect your backpack from uneven damages.

Here in this article, we have compiled a bunch of information regarding a complete handy solution of zippers on a backpack. This little knowledge will help you to setter your backpack at home.

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