How to Pack a Rucksack Army

How do I pack my rucksack army? This question is asked by all infantrymen once at some point in their career.

When packing a rucksack army correctly isn’t a matter of death. But doing in a wrong manner can make some difficulty for soldiers. In the military service, discipline is the foremost thing and so packing the rucksack according to the standard operating procedure (SOP) is no special.

How to Pack a Rucksack Army

Each branch of the military may have held various standards for different exercises or deployments. But there is no set of standard for packing your rucksack, rather there are some rules to follow if you’re deploying in the snowy country, jungle or desert. Knowing the packing tips will help you to get a better idea for various SOPs.

Which Rucksack is Appropriate?

It’s very crucial to understand the differences between army rucksacks or tactical backpacks. A tactical backpack is mainly used to hold field use appliances like survival tools, extra ammo, communication devices, first aid box, and many more. Specially, they are designed with multiple Molle attachment pockets. This is a great choice for combat condition as they provide additional space for bulletproofing.

A rucksack is one that you can use in hikes, travel one place to another and specially training exercises. In this type of army rucksack you can carry civilian clothes, toiletries, essential gadgets, survival equipment, a spare uniform, and food. You’ll also need of sleeping bag packed with it as to get covered from rain trap.

How to Pack a Rucksack Army :

Until now we have covered some basic information, it is the time to look at some packing tips.

Prepare a Packing List

First thing you need to clear in mind is about what you are going to carry in a rucksack. So think ahead and create a list. No need to worry if it’s a lot of things because you can balance then down later if necessary.

Separate All the Items

Next thing is keeping all the items under groups which are similar. Meaning keeps toiletries in one place, socks with other socks, clothes with other cloth, and so on.  You can place all the similar items in a waterproof plastic bag that is issued by the army. Remember, press to air out of each bag before you seal them.

Maintain Horizontal Way While Packing

Always try to put your army rucksack in a horizontal manner as much as possible. If you try to pack it when it’s in a vertical position, it’ll offset the balance of the load inside. Also this could be the cause of back pain after a few steps or just carrying it in short distance. Ultimately you want to eliminate the heavy weight from one side of your body that can put much stress.

Plus depending on the rucksack design, this position will allow you to save more space and store everything nicely. Actually, from the first day of basic training every soldier learned that not wrinkle uniform is allowed even if he or she packs it in a hurry.

Heavy – Light Packing

A general rule of packing is always placed the heaviest item at the bottom. An army rucksack is filled with everything you need to survive from cloth to food and any additional things you need to extend the deployment.

Heavy items include plate, combat boots, entrenching tools, and other bulky items. They should be sitting at the bottom of the bag where it causes the least amount of pressure of your back. By storing these items higher up in the rucksack, can put your back in a danger.

So, add items in order to lightness like socks, undershirts, and underwear in the top of the rucksack. Plus, army rucksack is no like tactical backpack, so you want pockets for storing necessary items which may you need on the fly.

Against the Frame

An army rucksack comes with a metal or plastic frame. This ensures additional weigh capacity, more sturdiness, and less pain on the shoulder and back.

It is the best idea to place all the heaviest items right against the frame to ensure maximum support. Plus, it also allows the soft items to go against the shell which is on your back. This will prevent the back strain as you wear the rucksack.

Tightly Close the Drawstrings

Once you packed everything nicely, now it’s time to pull the drawstrings. Be sure extra tuck remain inside the rucksack. Take the cover flap and flip it the opening shell. Click the closures into places.

Check the Balance of Your Rucksack before Use

Confirm your rucksack’s left and the right side is well-balanced. You can put on your bag and walk a half mile to test for any shifting and unbalances. If so correct the problem of shifting by changing other items place.

Test the Noise Issue

While you put on your rucksack, do you listening jiggle, bounce or any other noise. Ammo or other things that can make noise, use ranger rolls to create distance. If you heard squeak noise between the frames because of heavy load, a small quantity of Vaseline can stop it.

Some Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

  • To get an optimal result while packing a rucksack army, always do it in a horizontal position. Do not pack in the one side of the bag because this process will allow you to waste more space.
  • Always try to keep smaller items together whenever possible. It will allow you to easy access. For instance, don’t throw the socks randomly because it’ll lead you a hard time to find.
  • If you want to make your rucksack more waterproof, insert a big and thick garbage bag into it before packing your bag.

In Closing

Pack your rucksack in a neatly way can take time, but no need to worry. Once you enter into the army, the question “How to Pack a Rucksack Army?” will be very easy for you as you do it many times a day.

All the above mentioned tips can be applied in packing any army rucksack. Now, it’s up to you which one gets priority. You can choose your rucksack depending on the season and continent. If you require any special cloth or gear, it’s better to keep them on hand.

If you like tips and tricks or disagree with anything, you can let me know in the comment section.

Till then happy backpacking!

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