How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack

Whether campers are planning hiking or camping, possibilities are high that you will be going to walk a lot with a bulky backpack. So, to prepare those dreams of journeys easier, you must know the suitable ways to attach the heaviest item you will have, like a tent. Usually, campers face a common challenge while packing their tent in a backpack successfully. In order to do that, various factors needed to consider while packing. It’s because it can make or even break your trip.
If you pack your backpack in the incorrect way, it can lead you to the back strain or injury. Plus, your backpack can feel wobbly as well. This is why you need to know how to pack a tent in a backpack. At one time you attach your tent correctly–you’ll experience your outdoor journey much more enjoyable.

Steps of How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack

Before we started, you have to know about selecting the correct backpack to pack your tent in. You’ll also find all the tips and tricks about that and even more, therefore keep reading.
First and Foremost Thing is Select the Correct Backpack

Choosing the right backpack is going to be crucial because the size of your bag decides how large of a tent you can fit inside it. You also need to fit other essential items in it while distributes the weight equally all over. So, you’ll need a big backpack to pack a big tent and a smaller tent may fit into a small backpack.

In order to do this, you have 2 choices: an external frame backpack and other with an internal frame.

An internal frame backpack will help you to stay balanced the weight under the backpack. This type of frame comes with more room so you can place the tent inside it. As this bag keeps your center of gravity almost in a neutral position that’s why you don’t have to effort much on your back.

On the contrary, a backpack with an external frame sits quite away from your back. So, it enhances the ventilation process and allows you to sweat less. It takes much less room and will grant the tent easily packed in.

Roll the Tent

  • Lay the tent on the floor and keep the poles in the pole’s bags. The poles will act as a support system so doesn’t place them in the middle position rather they should roll along with the side of the tent. You can also place the bag along with the tent where you’ll start rolling
  • Now, begin the work, Try to keep the tent’s side is parallel with the bag. Roll the bag as straight as possible and it will ensure support on the basement of the tent.
  • After some rolls mean the halfway to the tent, lay the peg bag in the same position as you put the pole bag. The goal is to organize more aid for the tent. Now, keep rolling until you’ve completely rolled in. Remember do it tightly as you can so that it takes very less space.
  • When rolling is complete, put the tent in the tent’s bag. Make sure the bag lies right away up in the midway. Most importantly, you should attach the tent while it’s fully dry. The wet tent weight more and very difficult to pack.
  • Once you put the tent in the bag, pull the strings and close it tightly.

Packing the Tent in the Inside:

Do you want to carry two separate bags during your excursion? If your answer is NO, choose an internal frame backpack to place your tent in it. Here are tips about how to do it,

  1. A general rule is frequently used and heavy items should go at the bottom of the bag. One of the heavies stuff is a sleeping bag that should be going in the bottom compartment. The tent can be attached either in the middle or over the sleeping bag.
  2. Placing the tent in the halfway position meaning one of the heaviest items will not put much pain on your back while you lift the bag up.
  3. Depending on the space, you can put the tent in the horizontal or vertical position. If your bag has enough width, you can put it in a horizontal way. This placement will allow you to put more things on the top that you used frequently. While vertical placement will ensure more accessibility.

Packing the Tent on the Outside

You can also choose to attach your tent to your backpack instead of putting it inside. Here are tips about how to do it,

  • Backpacks with an external frame have designed with a specific position for attaching things like a tent or sleeping bags. Once you complete rolling and put the tent into the bag, now, you can attach it outside of the backpack. Even those internal frames come with compression straps can pack the tent bag outside.
  • It’s better to pack the tent bag at the base of the outside. There are 2 reasons behind this. One has already mentioned is that it’s a very heavy item. So, placing at the base will allow you to walk with it effortlessly than attaching on the top.
  • Another reason is to protect you and your tent. By reducing the chances of putting less strain it can protect you from injury. Meanwhile, from branches and trees, this bottom packing can protect your tent bag as much as possible

Tips and Tricks

  1. Need to practice tent packing at home, especially if you need to be packed it on outside.
  2. It’s better to attach the tent inside the backpack even though it might take much space. If you’re placing the tent outside, there is always a threat of snagging.
  3. If rain happens, packing tent on the outside will wet easily. So the weight will increase and you can face more difficulty to carry it.

Last Words

Packing a tent is an easy job while you do it in the correct order. You need to do it in an ideal way so that it takes less space in your bag. In the time you go camping or hiking, a tent is one of the crucial stuff inside your backpack. Eventually, it protects you and your stuff from cold and rain. This is why you need to know the correct way of how to pack a tent in a backpack. It will help you to enjoy your next trip with a better experience.
Until that, good luck for your next hike!

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