Maxpedition Wolf Gray Falcon-II Backpack Review

Maxpedition makes some of the exclusive military backpacks available on the market. The Falcon-II is the quintessential backpack of this brand. Its ergonomic design and hauling quality never drag you down. Just pack your bag up and enjoy head out on an overnight or hike with this premium quality Maxpedition Falcon-II backpack. As we know the best is not always comes with the biggest. Therefore, this medium size bag with various features will not let you down. Moreover, with lots of phenomenal qualities makes this backpack as worth to buying product.

Pros and Cons of Maxpedition Wolf Gray Backpack :

✓ Nice number of storage compartments
✓ Water resistant quality
✓ Shoulder padded offer super comfort
✓ Solid builds and functions
✗ A little bit heavy to use
✗ Some users find sharp stitches

What is Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack?

Maxpedition Falcon-II is one of the versatile backpacks on the market- thanks to amazing design quality. Over many, this piece makes a shining example of this brand. It has improved so many things from the first generation Maxpedition backpacks. The upgrade version has beautified the overall appearances and look of this backpack. Now more concern has given on the board without compromising the durability, storage and other factors. It can act as an overnighter and a loyal hunting pack because of its plenty of room.

This medium size pack is simply the best military backpack features with multiple internal pockets, the variety of compartments, additional storage facilities and quality construction. One cannot find a bag better than the Falcon-II that is an industry leader.

What Can Maxpedition Falcon-II Make?

A light and a small backpack are very intelligent to pick when the mobility and velocity are important. Looking at the size of the Falcon-II pack, it is the smaller end of these backpacks and most people would consider for a bug out bag. This ergonomic, durable bag is the perfect choice for short outdoor and overnight adventures.

This bag has constructed by using 1050-Denier nylon to offer the utmost comfort. While the shoulder straps are padded, it keeps the users delighted during the journey making it easy to move around. The well-built sternum and wrist support provide users more pleasure to wear. In addition, Falcon-II has intended to be easy all day long. In a way, you can feel comfortable even in tough condition.

One thing that makes customers stunned especially is the number of compartments facilities. 5 internal slip pockets have embedded on the front.  2 zippered pockets design on the top and others near the bottom.  You will be glad to learn that this backpack can hold 25 litre that makes it perfect for various purposes.

Falcon-II has designed to provide enough comfort to their users. Foam and curved strap padded shoulder have designed to offer pleasure until it fits with the sternum. Yet the waist is a craft to support the center. Moreover, these areas are MOLLE webbing that comes up with high –grade comfort throughout the journey.

Maxpedition Wolf Gray Falcon-II Backpack–Design and Specifications

As to represent the quality, the Falcon-II is the best example of Maxpedition products. Its intelligent design, durability and ergonomic shape make it a popular choice for the users. Put your tension behind and complete your goals in any condition become a prime focus of this brand. Made from quality nylon and comfortable design will make you fall in love with this bag. Then, what are you waiting for! Let’s go and drive into its beauty.

Features of Falcon-II

Falcon-II is a most popular backpack for various good reasons. Here are some key features of this pack, which may help you to know this piece well. So, go ahead for this bag guys,

♦ Ergonomic shape, sturdy and water-resistant bag
♦ High tensile stitching by nylon thread
♦ All total it has 4 compartments
♦ It offers a capacity of 1520 cubic inch
♦ This pack can accommodate 3-litre water reservoir
♦ Nice padded shoulder straps to carry anything for hike or expedition
♦ With YKZ self-repair zipper you can fix the bag easily
♦ Available in black, green, wolf grey, foliage green color

Technical Details

All the pinpoint information of this backpack has summarized below in the table for your better understanding.

What Do We Love About the Falcon-II?
With so many versatile qualities and a great rating, people love to recommend this bag in a wide range of users. Over and above, the majority of the users was impressed by the longevity and compact features. Let’s have a look at it, 

Materials-The Prime Focus

Constructed using 1050-Denier lightweight ballistic nylon that is an abrasion resistant material. About comfort, its ergonomic design shoulder straps and shape are foam padded and cushion weight so that you can find delighted to carry it. We had straps wrapped across our shoulder, while the loads easily supported our braces. In addition, the removal waist straps help to control any rocking motion. The backpack braces have made up with breathable mesh for enhancing breathability. Font left, right-hand side of the backpacks has MOLLE webbing. Coating of Teflon fabrics uses to protect the bag from all the dirt to take. On the other hand, the Triple polyurethane materials make the gear water resistant and work as a safeguard when in the wet environment.


A strap is a thing that provides structural integrity and keeps the pack comfortable. The supply and ergonomic straps combine with the sternum support. Overall, the change is noticeable and helps to reduce the weight on the shoulders during the long rucks. The straps are made from 1” webbing. Even the pouches and accessories have plenty of PALS webbing. Moreover, the straps are breathable, comfortable even in the longer period.

Tons of Storage Space

One essential element needs to consider when you buying a backpack are the amount of stuff can place inside. People will be astonished by the holding capacity of this bag is 25L. This amount divided into the compartments, includes the main one that is 18’’ tall and 9.5’’ wide. Not only that, there are 5 slip pockets in the front of the pack. Also, 2 zipper pockets are on the front. Another one is on the top and near the bottom with key holder.

Is It Right To Buy?

Best Suited
♦ People who want to hike, short outdoor or overnight adventures


Maxpedition Falcon-II is an amazing quality backpack. The innovative design of this product will help you to optimize the space nicely. Packed with lots of stunning features, it will be a great choice for all camping lovers. The pack is commendably durable for its nylon materials. One cannot find such a bag ergonomically strong. Even in the fully laden condition, you feel comfortable to wear it. In addition, its design features make it stand out from other brands. You just simply fall in love with this bag from the time you put it to use.

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