Red Rock Outdoor Backpack Review

Tell me about one person who does not have to carry items around with them almost every day, whether it is work or leisure. From the teenager, with the undone hair, frantically running towards his bus with a pile of junk inside his backpack, to the corporate sales manager carrying samples on his back, down to the trill seeking hiker scouring her backpack for the camera, no one is immune from the bulky weight of materials on your backs. That is what makes you adults, right? If you do not happen relative to this, chances are you are doing something wrong.

Well, let’s face it. The world today is running at a faster pace than time itself. Everyone is busy; everyone is living a hectic life to get their works or tasks done. The world looks for the ultimate efficiency and maximum productivity in everything now.

Keeping this in mind, I do not think it is an option, but rather a mandatory responsibility you to have a robust vessel for your materials or gears: a backpack. Having a good backpack with us not only looks great, but gives you a sense of responsibility to become a little bit for efficient in our daily routines or specific tasks. It establishes a sense of security and accomplishment when you get to carry with us all the materials that we need, and then eventually conclude that work successfully, due to your preparedness.
For someone who has to travel, and run many small errands a lot in a day from places to places along heaps of items on my back, I know how annoying it can get when your backpack fails you. For anyone who has to carry a load with them at all times, whether it be for a day to day work, like football practice, or special activities like scouting or camping, having a loyal backpack is essential. Unfortunately, most outdoor backpacks do not show much promise end up not making the cut. Some have fitted you wrong, weighed you down too much, or just did not seem to serve the purpose at all.

The sad part is that the market is filled with bags like these. Finding a good backpack is like finding a needle in haystack; you know it’s out there somewhere, you just do not know where. To take all the guess work and confusion away from you, I’ll review a backpack that has caught my attention for good: Red Rock Outdoor Backpack . Let’s check out what this backpack has in store for us:

Features of Red Rock Outdoor Backpack

The Red Rock Outdoor Backpack is made out of strong polyester fabric. It weighs 2.6 lb and its dimensions are (9.5 x 18 x 12.5) inches. It has molle webbing all over on the front surface and it has a mesh ventilated padded back, with Velcro enclosure. It has a padded shoulder strap as well. Its shoulder straps are contoured, adjustable and have plastic D-rings for attachments. It has an external organizer pocket of about medium 2 litres. What really caught my eyes was that it has 4 release straps for compression and expansion. One thing to keep in mind here is that this backpack is water resistant, but not waterproof. It also is missing a bag for water bladder, but that can be more than made up by attaching one in the molle loops.


Yes, we do need to carry a substantial number of stuff around with us, but we do not need to pack and prepare like we are going to war! Bigger does not always mean better; small backpacks could just do the trick if you know how much you need to accommodate for your purpose. The Red Rock Outdoor Backpack is a wonderful example for this. This backpack is slightly on the smaller size, but it more than makes up for it by its spaciousness. It has a wide molle webbing on the face of the backpack, which lets you attach any additional add-ons and small gears. Because it does not come with a water bladder, attaching one to the molle loops is ideal. It has a spacious 2 litre external organizer compartment to keep the essentials right at a hand’s distance. What a really like about this backpack is that it comes with 4 straps that enable compression and expansion. If you feel your backpack look a little bloated, release the strap to expand the area. If you feel the backpack looks light and wobbly, compress it by strapping close. I honestly can not bother to wrestle with the contents of my backpack to make sure they’re safe or not. Having straps over the zipper is a great convenience.


The Red Rock Outdoor Backpack has won my vote by acing it on the comfort department. It has a meshed padded back panel with Velcro top closure. Its shoulder straps are also padded. These straps have a convenient curve to them giving a snug fitting. They are also adjustable. If you are going to carry pounds of weight on the back for hours, I think it is an obligation for designers and producers to create a product as comfortable as possible.  One wrong design flaw could lead to bruises and back aches in a matter of days. Well, this backpack has this issue covered, comfortably.


  1. This backpack has a wide molle webbed surface. This allows additional gear attachments.
  2. It has 4 compression/expansion straps.
  3. Its padded back and shoulder straps ensure the ultimate comfort for the carrier.
  4. Its spacious, with multiple compartments.
  5. It is relatively inexpensive.


  1. While the backpack is water resistant, it is not however waterproof.
  2. The backpack is rather small in size.
  3. It does not come with a water bladder bag. This can easily be addressed by attaching the bladder into one of its molle loops.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Does it have an abdomen strap?
    Yes, it does come with one.
  • Is it water proof?
    It is water resistant, but not waterproof.
  • Where to Buy?


The Red Rock Outdoor Backpack is undoubtedly a quality bag. It is spacious, and has several comfort and security adjustments. However, it is a relatively small bag. It lacks waterproofing and does not come with a water bladder bag. I. personally, would not recommend for users who are looking to carry heaps of gears, or want to use it for overnight travels, like camping. Having said that, this bag is ideal for day to day rough use for small activities like sports practice, local hiking and so much more. This bag is definitely a good purchase if you know what you’re buying is for.


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