Sandpiper of California – SOC Bugout Bag Review

Sometimes, we’ve to carry weights in a backpack that aren’t supposed to be carried by a normal backpack. Resultantly, the bag breaks it’s promised of indestructability and we keep blaming the manufacturers. But you know what was the wrong in that? It was nothing but your buying decision.

In today’s market, we are given with 100s of options to choose a heavy-weight backpack. Doing a bit of research can bring out the best one to fit your asking. Therefore, I’ve done that hard task and brought out Sandpiper of California – SOC Bugout Bag. Which, I am going to review today.

The bag is made of the highest quality of materials. It has advanced and up-to-the-minute technologies that support risky work. With the double shoulder strap the bag is both stylish and perfectly balanced.
Keep reading the rest of the article to know why this bag would be perfect for you.

Whom is SOC Bugout Bag perfect for?

Weight Carriers
The Sandpiper of California Bugout is a standard backpack to carry weight in style. It gives the user ease in carrying a good amount of weight. So if you are looking for a bag like this then this backpack is totally for you.
Trips and Travels
If you like traveling around and hiking and just love to go to trips then this bag would be the perfect companion for you. The backpack itself is spacious enough to carry a lot of travelling commodities.
Fast Movers
One of the best features of this SOC Bugout bag is that it gives free movement capability to the user. This function is most important for the people working in country defence organizations. If you are in a mission and you need a good and spacious bag then this could be the perfect one for you.
Day to Day Users
The bag has a sleek look with weight carrying facility. It gives the shoulders less pressure with extra padding system. Day to day weight carrying like going to school is easier with this bag.

Product Specification

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3 x 22 x 15.5 inches
  • Material Used: 600 Denier Poly/Canvas
  • Waist Belt: Detachable
  • Color: Black
  • Handle: Paracord Drag Handle
  • Model Number: SBBP-P

Features and Benefits

✺ Aluminium Back

The backpack is made with 600 Denier Polymers. The back of the bag is made with aluminium coatings. This feature ensures the safety of the bag as well as its carrier.  You can be assured of your safety and your bags through this coating.

Spacious Main Compartment

The main compartment of the SOC Bugout bag is spacious and expandable. It has a lot of storage space to fit large sized commodities. It lets the users carry laptops of large sizes. The main compartment has elastic properties which lets the users have ease in use.

✺ Strong Attire

The materials used in making the bag were fused together in a modern process. The bond between the zippers and the compartments are strong and durable. The side pockets are sewed perfectly to match the whole body of the bag. Moreover, the compartments have elastic properties to stay in shape and carry larger items than their size.

✺ Stylish and Modern

The backpack was made with the best and latest technology. The materials are of high quality. Each body parts were designed accurately to provide a better look. The straps at both the shoulders were designed to provide comfort. The technology used in making the bag makes it stylish in all perspectives.

✺ Tightly Zippered

From the top compartment to the bottom, the backpack is well zippered and tightly wrapped. The zippers used in the bag are of high quality. They are strong and durable. They are not prone to breaking from rough usage.

✺ Water Resistant Covers

The fabric covers used in the bag has the ability to resist water from getting inside. It protects inner materials from water splashing through the holes. The bag is tightly wrapped to prevent water leakage or weather roughness.

✺ Fast Movements

The bag has a special ability to provide fast movements. The shoulder straps mix with the shoulders perfectly. Because of that, the user can carry the weight easily as it is distributed perfectly. The bag feels lighter if it is carried correctly. This feature lets the user run, do cycling and workouts while carrying it.

✺ Multiple Pockets

There are more than enough pockets in the bag. There are outer and inner compartments which hold pockets of various sizes. These pockets are made for different type of material carrying. The side pockets are elastic and expandable. The inner pockets allow carrying laptops and mobile phones safely. There are pockets for carrying important papers too.

✺ Comfortable

The bag has fantastic inner and outer cushions. These cushions are made from best quality foams to provide comfort to the highest level. The bottom portions of the compartments have foams to protect your inner materials. The shoulder straps have foams to protect your body from getting damaged.

✺ Hydration Compatible

The bag allows hydration options. There is a hydration compartments which allows hydration bladders to carry water. The compartment is spacious so that you can carry a lot of water during your outing.


✓ Spacious main compartment with expanding feature
✓ Water and abrasion resistant exterior
✓ Padded shoulder straps and waist bands
✓ Hydration compartment enabled
✓ Light in weight


✗ Not a bug out bag by design
✗ Pockets in the front are a little tight
✗ Not overly organized


Question: Is this bag made out of waterproof materials or just normal fabric?
Answer: The bag is made with waterproof fabric. It can withstand light rain and heavy rain together. But it will get affected if taken underwater.

Question: Would a 1L water bottle fit in the side pockets?
Answer: Yes! The pockets are made with expansion materials. It can expand enough to fit a 1L water bottle in it.

Question: Is shipping to countries out of the US free of charge?
Answer: No. Shipping costs a lot of extra money as for the plane charge.


Sandpiper of California – SOC Bugout Bag is a waterproof and weather handling backpack with some of the best and unique features. It has modern technology blended with style. The backpack is a tactical setup bag with special features like gun carrying compartment and hydration compartments. The light in weight feature gives the users ease in movement and saves a lot of pressure and time. That’s why we would like to recommend this backpack for those who need a bag to move fast comfortably.

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