TETON Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack Review

TETON Mountain Adventurer 4000 is a backpack of one of a kind. It’s the bag which can contain all the things you can give. It has got a huge 66 litres compartment. Yes, you have read that correctly. Its spacious space can hold onto anything you can provide.

Either you are hiker, hunter, camper or any adventurer- this is the most suitable backpack for literally any adventurer. To any journey-this bag contain all the equipment and tools you need for a very long time. So, if you are preparing a journey for a very long time, TETON Mountain Adventurer 4000 is the bet package for you.

Whom is TETON Mountain Adventurer 4000 for?

Undoubtedly, this is most suitable choice for the hikers. Hiking is one of the most challenging hobbies. One has no idea what will s/he will face in the unpredicted journey of hiking. So, all the essential gears can be mounted right into the bag.
Hunting is one of the oldest professions. One must take all the necessary things and equipment in the woods. Life can be at stake if the proper tools are not taken. TETON Mountain Adventurer 4000’s gigantic space won’t allow you to leave a thing behind for the lack of room.
A sportsman needs to travel one place or one country to another frequently. They must take as many clothes as they can with the proper bat/ball/skis/snowboard or other things. This backpack is the right choice for them.
As for adventure, every feature of this bag is important as equal as another. An adventure life will be a lot less stressful when you have this bag behind your back

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 27 inches x 12 inches x 10 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 5.25 lbs.(with tarp),
    4 lbs. (without tarp)
  • Capacity: 4000 cc/66 Litres

Features and Benefits

✺ Huge Compartment

This is the bag with a large compartment of 4000 cubic centimetres. If you can’t pack all the things you needed for going to a place, there will be stain in the mind for not taking all the things just because of the lack of space. This bag will remove the tension and give you the freedom to roam freely.

✺ Revolutionary Design

The fabulous look of the backpack will surely impress you to your heart’s content. It is in fact a huge bag but the creative design makes the bag look gorgeous even not a single bit fat.

✺ Guaranteed Satisfaction

There can be a ton of features included in any bag but they don’t mean anything until there is a feel of comfort. In a long journey if there is no tranquillity, the journey will suck the life out of you. Keeping this matter in mind, the backpack is made for extreme satisfaction.

✺ Light as Feather

Although it has got a 66 large litres space in it, the bag itself is not a burden at all. In fact, the weight is negligible considering the things you can load in this bag.  It is barely felt in the back.

✺ Endurance

The TETON Mountain Adventurer 4000 is one of the toughest bags in the market. It can withstand a lot pressure. The shell of The bag is coated with 420D Oxford Polyester which can take a lot of hit without tearing apart.

✺ Tension Adjustments

This backpack is not only comfortable but it has some belt for adjustment of tension in the Chest, Shoulders and to the torso. Therefore the bag will be well fitted to body. It will weigh a much less when fitted correctly.

✺ Ventilation

As in a long walking, we are often faced with the problem of sweating. The back of our shoulders becomes very sweaty wearing a backpack. But The TETON Mountain Adventurer 4000 is really something different. It has air channels to the back for maximizing the circulation of air.

✺ Large Water Reservoir

As mentioned before, this backpack is designed for a rough and tough journey. It is also for them who want to go on a very long journey. And Water is the most important life saver of a journey. There is an integrated feature for hanging the hydration chamber. Also there are two additional side pockets to put water bottles or other things in them.

✺ Plentiful Compartments

The TETON Mountain Adventurer 4000 has actually 7 individual pockets. So it won’t be any problem if you don’t want to mix up all your things together. You can just simply categorize your thongs according to your needs.

✺ Because Size Matters

Although the backpack has a gigantic size for storing things the bag is not oversized. Rather, it is the perfect size for any man, woman or youth which will help to keep a perfect balance and total control.

✓ A gigantic space of 4000 cc/66L.
✓ Can withstand even in the most intense environment.
✓ Can be used instead of luggage.
✓ Suitable for both long and short journey.
✓ The zippers are easy to be pulled even in gloves.

✗ The backpack isn’t a 100% water resistant.
✗ Not very suitable for official students. 


Question: Is the bag waterproof?
Answer: The backpack is not fully waterproof. But if you buy one from amazon (In this link) you will get a FREE tarp which will cover the bag for you.

Question: The colour is black, isn’t it difficult to hike in the summer?
Answer: Not really, it doesn’t suck up the sunlight for its extra ordinary nylon.

Question: Can I carry the backpack in an airplane compartment?
Answer: Though is a bag of 66L compartment, its size is incredibly small considering Volume. So, that’s a yes.


Mankind has been travelling since the beginning. Travelling is never easy. Neither is hiking, or hunting. You must take the right tools to start the journey. A good preparation may save a life at the time of danger. Considering the life of you people, TETON Mountain Adventurer 4000 is the one you really want.

TETON Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack

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