Seibertron Falcon Camping Backpack Review

One thing that makes me really happy is the fact that more and more people recently have become more open to the outdoors and Mother Nature. While it is inevitable to succumb to the daily 9 to 5 desk jobs in a square shoe box on a high rise commercial skyscraper in order to put bread on your tables, it is just as equally important to feed the soul: travel. I feel, in order to replenish and revive your bodies and minds, which chips away a little everyday with our hectic, buzzing and commercial lifestyles, we need to escape, we need to travel every once in a while. And don’t just visit your mother in the summer with a one hour drive, and call it travel. Travel with thrill, without a destination. Grab a cheap flight to Venice maybe, or take the kids to an overnight camp and show them how marshmallows were roasted back in the day. But, there is no travel quite as thrilling, raw and therapeutic than outdoor camping and hikes.seibertron-falcon-water-repellent-hiking-camping-backpack



But travel is only memorable when the preparation is right. You’ll be surprised how much the quality of your travel depends on the backpack you carry for it. Good company and great weather are important, but they won’t serve the purpose of carrying, securing and managing all your survival out there. Therefore, for a safe, comfortable and an effective travel, make sure you carry the correct backpack with you. With, market teeming with hundreds of types of backpacks, you may be overwhelmed with confusion and settle for one that will not serve you right.

This is often a result of not having access to the right information and knowledge. Just focusing on quality is not enough, functionality matters just as much. There is no point buying a backpack made of Italian leather if it can’t even accommodate a bag of chips. There are a few keys points to remember when choosing a good backpack. I’ll try and put an end to your backpack dilemma by reviewing the Seibertron Falcon Camping Backpack.

The hour you lost trying to say the name of the backpack will be more than made up for by its performance. So, let’s begin:

Features of Seibertron Falcon Camping Backpack

The Seibertron Falcon Camping Backpack is made up of a waterproof 900D fabric as its primary material. It comes it 2 sizes. Size 37L comes with an external dimension of (19”h x 11”w x 11”d). The maximum length of its waist belt is 45 inches. The maximum length of it chest belt is maximum 60 inches. Size 27L comes an with external dimensions of (16.5”w x 9”w x 11”d).

The maximum length its waist belt is 39 inches. The maximum length of its chest belt is 51 inches. It comes with a molle design with several loops. It has expandable main compartment with meshed interior for small gears. It also has small zippered pouches inside to accommodate small gears as well. Side and top are cinched by security straps.


The Seibertron Falcon Camping Backpack is made with 900D fabric as its main material. It is always a great choice to carry a waterproof backpack on travels keeping in mind that it could rain, you could be traveling on wet damp places, or simply as a precaution from spills. But in all honesty, carry a waterproof bag regardless of the reasons mention. Why? Because you never know when a child with a water balloon will strike you, that’s why. One thing that I’d like to point out here though, is that its zippers and sewing pinholes are not water resistant. So it may allow a drop or two to sink into your backpack.


This bag comes with a generous, spacious and meshed interior, which also expandable. You will have no trouble loading this one up to the fullest. It comes in a molle design with several loops to attach addition items to the backpack. One thing that could be a problem is that it does not have a bag for water bladder. But, that of course could be fixed by the help of the backpack’s molle loops.  It has small zippered pouches for small items.

This is what I really liked: its attention to the small and overlooked gears. Small gears are often the most likely to fall to the bottom of the bag, get lost or damaged due to misplacing. Its zippered pouches address this problem instantly. It would be nothing but a tragedy if you could not find your earphones on a seven hour flight, or if you lost the cutlery for your food at the camp, 50 miles away from civilization, in the middle of a forest. As funny and random as it might sound, they do happen!

Fitting and Comfort

Most travelers will buy without thinking much of a proper fitting. Imagine yourself, a 6’2” man, carrying a backpack the size of a Chihuahua for hours at a time. Like what you see? If not, then take fitting seriously. Remember you will be carrying a good amount of load on your back for hours. Your long awaited travel could turn into a torture ride if you’re not careful. The Seibertron Falcon Camping Backpack comes with chest and waist belts to stabilize the load and maintain a convenient balance for you.


The Seibertron Falcon Camping Backpack comes with security straps on the top and side that cinch down and lock the gears in place. No room for a wobbly backpack anymore!


  • It has 2 size options to choose from.
  • It is quite affordable for a backpack so robust.
  • Spacious and attentive to small gears.


  • Zippers and sewing pinholes are not water resistant.
  • It does not have a bag dedicated to the water bladder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Where is it made?

Answer: it is made in China.

  • Can it be used as a carry-on on planes?

Answer: It can certainly be used for that purpose.

  • Where to buy?


The Seibertron Falcon  Camping Backpack is a robust backpack ideal for travel.
It is waterproof, spacious and secure. There are a few flaws regarding the non-water-resistant zippers and not having a water bladder bag. But I think you can easily compensate for the flaws with its amazing features. It will most certainly not disappoint you!

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