Best EDC Backpack | Everyday Backpack Review 2021

Looking for best everyday carry backpack? You have come to the right place.

While it comes to the best EDC backpack, it’s become crucial to choose the right one for your specific needs. Just make the wrong purchase decision and you are like kicking yourself every day, got it?

Here this shopping guide designs to assist those who find the right EDC backpack for their travel or everyday needs. If you’re looking for latest and biggest brands you won’t satisfied hence if you’re looking for functionality then you can rely on this review.

However, if you’re going through this article probably you’re smart enough to figure out that the bag is a vital element of traveling. At the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about EDC backpack and can make the most rational decision.

What is an EDC or Everyday Carry Backpack?

An EDC backpack is suitable for those who love to pack a lot of stuff just in case. Typically, these backpacks boast with a ton of features, making it your best go-to-bag. They’re perfect for carrying your gear whether you’re playing or work. Throw your work necessary stuff in there, your gym cloth, and head out the door, realizing that you have everything you need. It has become an obvious choice for anyone who has a large number of everyday carry items or a long list of EDC based on their EDC need. This is the thing make it an ideal companion while you are out in the wood.

Various Types of EDC Backpacks

There are various types and styles bags that make the ideal EDC pack. The range is huge; we’ll cover most common types here,

EDC Lumbar Pack

A lumbar pack is like if your sling backpack is too large and a pouch is too small, much like in between bags. They permit you to carry a bigger item or you can keep lots of smaller items for day-to-day use.

EDC Sling Bag

A sling bag is suitable for those who need to carry heavier items in day-to-day basis. By the way, they can store more gears than a lumbar pack. But the design of over shoulder allows you to carry heavier items throughout the days with ease.

EDC Backpack

This backpack style is what we are talking about. It’s the best style for anyone who wants an emergency or survival bag ready whenever they required or someone who travels with lots of gears.

EDC Organizer Pouch

An organization pouch is the best option for EDC gear. If you want something compact and small that can store smaller items, this is the option. This pouch can be kept in the car’s compartment while traveling.

Best EDC Backpack 2021

The Herschel Little America Backpack is a really well-designed daypack. Its design gives both classic vintage feel and somewhat adventurous. Also, it makes you feel like you embark on a journey or to search for the unknown. This backpack is very popular and well-known among the students. Even many of them choose this one to carry their everyday essentials like a laptop and textbooks. Definitely comes with adequate space for typical office, school, or even holiday use. At the same time, you’ll feel lucky to enjoy its lightweight quality.

Adequate Space

With sufficient space inside, this Little America Backpack can carry almost everything you need in any given day. Its storage capacity is 25L so the size is decent for short holidays.

The main compartment opens with drawstring and comes with a padded laptop sleeve for a 15-inch laptop. This sleeve is not only padded with fleece lined but also upraised from the bottom of the bag. So that it could save your laptop from damage if you drop it. However, you can keep your iPod in the dedicated pocket. Also, feed your headphone in the special port so that it lets you enjoy the music while you travel.

Magnetic Flap for Easy Access

With a retro sporty look, the magnetic flap design makes this Herschel’s bag most iconic one. The magnetic flap under the straps makes it much easier to get into the bag. Both the small and large pouches have a leather strap and magnetic flap with a great addition of buckle.

You’re allowed to change the leather strap length hence it’s more for design rather secure the bag.

Huge Range of Style

While it comes to style in a backpack, the Herschel team has covered a wide range of style list. So, you can get a lot of options in terms of color and style. Some are a single color with flex leather straps while others have two tones such as different pocket and flap color. Even there are crazy floral and military colors also available.


  • Great color options to match your taste
  • Padded back and straps reduce sweat
  • Sufficient space


  • Lack of internal pocket

A quality daypack can create all the distinction between a memorable journey and one you would like to erase from your memory. If you need a backpack that can carry everything comfortably and withstand in a hostile situation, look for something durable. The lightweight backpack by Venture Pal is a great match in this regard with its top-notch performance and durability. Moreover, comes with an incredibly low price point makes it very affordable. This is why users can describe this daypack in one single phrase “the best daypack in the cheapest value”.

Materials Ensure Durability and comfort

Made of the prime quality materials, this backpack is ultra-durable and strong so you can expect it withstands the climate and tear. The nylon fabric is lighter and saves on weight but provides extra-strength and long lasting performance. There is a double layer on the bottom so you can carry the heavier load comfortably. It also offers you resistance to abrasion and damage. Moreover, the heavy-duty SBS two way metal zippers emphasize further water-resistant and durability. So, you can operate the bag without any problem.

Stress Relievers

This backpack has to boast with all types of straps such as waist, sternum, and shoulder straps. These straps are packed with sponge padding.

The shoulder straps have breathable mesh padding to ensure your superb hiking comfort. You can also adjust length of your straps according to your needs. As a bonus, the chest strap comes with a locking whistle buckle- a recently upgraded buckle to keep your bag secure.

Lightweight Daypack

With several compartments, this backpack is extremely lightweight for your travel or hiking trips. So backcountry users go for the Venture Pal Backpack is not a matter of surprise. This one is one of the top picks when they consider it as a lightweight daypack.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • The entire bag can fold into the front pocket
  • Spacious storage space
  • Comfortable and affordable


  • Quite thin material
  • Zipper constantly caught on the zippers cover

Looking for an Osprey backpack? Well, not all the backpack is suitable for you. And with dozens of options, you might be confused about which one is best everyday carry backpack. However, the Osprey Atmos 65 backpack is both incredible and revolutionary. This hiking backpack is perfect for light to medium hiking of 2-5 days. It holds every necessary feature require for an excellent wilderness backpack such as well-crafted storage, great suspension system, and durable materials to take the backpack completely new level.

Confident Appearance

The first look of AG 65 will surely enhance your confidence level with its excellent exterior design. Made with nylon (100D*603D) material weave gives this backpack with an agile and smooth look. This positive looking backpack provides you everything that makes your hiking trips all joy and comfort- durability, weight, ergonomic design, balanced suspension system, and organization. Undoubtedly, this bag placed itself on the top of innovation in the field of manufacturing.

Brilliant Workmanship

Osprey has proved that they are more than a fashionable vogue–they’re one of the real gamers. To hold its reputation, they try to introduce a more comfortable and flexible design. In this AG 65, they come with such appealing features like a removable top lid and flap jacket.

If you need additional load in its expandable collar, you can adjust the lid by height. Also, the lid is completely removable. Manufacturers have this entire design in a very clever way. While the lid is removed, you can use the integrated flap.  It’s always there and you can’t remove it.


One of the outstanding features is its anti-gravity suspension system. There is a large suspended mesh panel that covers the hip belt and entire back panel of the pack. The same webbing has the shoulder straps as well. However, the bag enhances a good amount of airflow to keep you cool in humid and warm weather.


  • A ton of organization option
  • Excellent suspension system
  • Removable and adjustable lid


  • Quite heavy to carry
  • No rain cover included

If you are looking for super affordable, yet lightweight and great size pack, then AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack is for you. This is one of the best rugged backpacks and certainly the cheapest one currently available. However, where most backpack sacrifice comfort for capacity, AmazonBasics has covered all the bases. As a result, the users will rest assured realizing their purchase will survive last longer without providing them discomfort.


Truly this backpack will take your comfort level to the heart. Actually, nobody likes the feeling of being sliced off your shoulder because of the poor construction. This is why this backpack boasts with padded shoulder straps to give your belongings in a peaceful experience. Not just that, if you think carrying this backpack on your back is not ideal, you can easily disconnect the shoulder straps. In fact, they have their own pocket on the back of the bag. Plus, it offers external straps on both side of the bag to allow you shorten your travel gears and fasten them down.


A most important consideration before purchasing a backpack is the craftsmanship and quality. Even with its awesome price tag, a backpack is nothing if it doesn’t endure the test of time. You’ll be pleased to know that this bag is made of 100% polyester. This fabric isn’t anything exceptional, actually, it’s a common material used in the most bags. Where some luggage bags are very heavy and stiff, AmazonBasics crafted this bag to be lightweight and flexible. So, you can use this one in number on treks or travels.

Check Out This Review About AmazonBasics Backpack :



First and the foremost thing caught users attention is that the how much cost of this bag going to put me out? Actually, not that much! Compare to the other travel backpack brands, AmazonBasics offers great products with a mid-price point. However, one element can’t signify your deciding factor. But the AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack comes with a reasonable price tag is much like the cherry on top.


  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Ample storage capacity
  • The exterior handle allows carrying the bag in hand


  • Doesn’t include key ring clip or water bottle compartment

Looking for a well-crafted, clear-looking sling bag that doesn’t break the bank? The Neatpack Sling Bag is your choice. So, functional and trendy, this backpack is great for everyone from the outdoor enthusiast to the student to busy professional. You can store a lot of goods in this sling bag without keeping you down. From being durable to stylish, this sling bag has everything you want from a backpack bag.

Ergonomic Design

Featuring comfortable design, this sling bag is more convenient to travel around than a painful backpack that can strain your body. It offers an inner compartment where you can carry many clothes. Even your books, camera, shoes, medical kits and other rest of the things can keep in this compartment. Other than the main compartment, there is a smaller pocket to store a laptop or iPad. A front zipper pocket to keep smaller items and a mesh packet is for pen sleeve, credit card holder, and key hook. There is a hidden pocket at the back of the bag which allows you to store valuable things. Also, there is a hidden pocket with RIFD to prevent unwanted eyes.

Comfortable and Versatile

The strap is made of padded and breathable fabric and can fit all kinds of body types. The strap can buckle either side of the bag. Meaning the bag can be worn across the body and over the shoulder. The zippers are very robust and high-quality so it doesn’t break easily. In a way, you can say goodbye to your shoulder, neck, and back pain with this pack.


Another remarkable feature of this sling bag is gadget-friendly. The phone pocket can allow you to keep your phone and still connect your headphone cord to the front strap. However, its design is better than a similar sling bag.


  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Various pockets for versatile use
  • Water-resistant material


  • Nothing is found as a downside

Another backpack manufacturer brand that has held the backpacker view and backcountry is Kelty. Like other leading brands, this is another trusted name in the industry and shares no settlement approach to sustainability, comfort, and quality of the backpack. Their Kelty Redwing 44 Backpack is an excellent option for recreational, casual, overseas adventures, and domestic-focused on outdoor activities.

Ease of Organizing

The Redwing 44 Backpack is set its place on the top list of our EDC backpack for it’s over the board-packing features. Actually, the comfort of backpacking fully depends on the organization. The main compartment of this backpack comes with a panel feature that nearly unzips all the way. Based on how much you unzip the main panel; the bag can operate as either a panel loader or top loader. Spacious side pockets are allowing you to easily access gears while mesh side pockets are capable to hold a largest water bottle. Most importantly, the lid of the main compartment works great to keeping easy access gears like jackets, raincoat, or food, etc.


The hydration base is equipped by the side of the bag that ensures it an excellent value to the backcountry travel. Now you can go to longer trips with the advantage of drink. This is why- backpackers who use this Kelty model simply fall in love with it without wasting time. Most surprisingly, this hydration sleeve can use as a dual pocket. You can use it as to carry liquid support also, carrying a laptop without any tension.

Airflow Back

There is an air pocket in the back that allows air to pass through your body and the back. This feature also helps to control temperature and keeps your body sweat free.

Even hip belts and the shoulder straps are well padded, so they do not give any sort of a pain to the user. This will allows you to carry it easily even when it’s fully loaded.


  • U-shape opening allows you to easy access
  • Airflow back panel
  • A wide range of internal pockets
  • Durable and organized


  • No rain cover included
  • Quite larger than any travel bag

The Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Backpack is a minimalistic, cool pack suitable for all lifestyle people and adventures. This one becomes a staple bag for students, yet its excellent choice for the outdoor enthusiast, businessman, photographers, parents, and urban commuters who need a bag to travel comfortably. Plus, user’s demands for the capacity to keep baby must-have products like clothes, wipes, and diapers, etc.

Versatile Design

As far as the design concerns, this bag is one of the best-looking bags for school use. It’s true minimalistic and cool design goes well into our day to day life. It’s tall enough to accommodate your books and an average 13-inch laptop. Even though the capacity of this bag is slightly smaller than you see in other everyday bags.

Also, you can get a large range of color options you can think of. To match your choice preferences you can pick your favorite color in them. This backpack is very lightweight, so it’s quite easy to carry around even when it’s fully loaded.

Durable and Comfort

Made from foam cushion is one of the revolutionary features of this backpack that makes it unique in the 70s. Their Vinylon-F fabric is one of the finest one of Fjallraven packs. It is made from synthetic fibers, weaved that actually swell when they get wet. It just makes the weaver tighter and resists rain shower without any extra coating. This feature makes the Kanken water-resistant. Also, the fabric is much durable and strong, so without any doubt, your bag can go through all the pressure you can put it through.

Easy to Care

Thanks to its water and dirt- resistant material, makes it easy to clean with a simple wipe down. With its easy care process, it becomes any user’s top chart list. If you want to the worth you’re every penny, and then, by all means, get it. Surely, it’ll own and wear for many years to come.


  • Versatile and affordable
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Wonderful design


  • Some users complain about straps that aren’t easily adjusted

Are you a kind of person who likes to carry his laptop when on the go? If your answer is big “YES”, you have this Jansport Right Pack Expressions backpack for your taking. It’s versatile, yet classic backpack is perfect for a host of various occasions. Whether you need to grab a new pack for your kids or simply carry option for work, this Right pack is a solid contender. With this particular backpack, you can express your individuality around the world. However, no other backpack is as suited for this specific role as this one.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Topping the list of its most wonderful feature is the highly strong blend of cotton or 1000D polyester. The sturdy nature of this fabric is highly resilient to abrasions and tears which mean this fabric will serve you many years to come.  Hence, the choice is great as it assures you for reliable service from negative maintenance and repairs.

A thick bottom is made from premium suede leather to provide you extra protection and stability. This fabric is purposely used in the backpack to enhance its lifespan. Moreover, we think it adds nice color contrast to the bag too.

15-inch Laptop Sleeve

Now, with this backpack, you can enjoy taking the privilege of being able to pack your 15–inch laptop. This slot incorporated in the backpack exactly for this purpose. If you’re like to accessing your laptop during the travel, this indeed is the right bag for you.


For all-day comfort, this medium compact size pack looks great. The padded shoulder straps and back panel provides a nice amount of support and cushioning. Also, there is a web haul handle that makes grabbing this backpack easy.


  • Plenty of color options available
  • Highly breathable fabric
  • Nice size interior space
  • Strong suede leather bottom


  • Not so easy to keep it in a clean state

The elegant and sleek design of the Carhartt Legacy Classic Work Backpack makes it an ideal blend for any fashion conscious lover. Also, its durable and strong workmanship makes it fabulously practical. The manufacturer put their full grace into this backpack that works perfectly for all types of users, no matter you’re heading off to the office or college student. Combining both minimalist smooth look and functionality, the Carhartt Legacy is your perfect companion for everyday use.

Rugged Fabric

Made with high-quality 1200D polyester fabric, makes it tear and water-resistant. With its abrasion-resistant and sturdy base, this rugged bag is perfect for both men and women who need a durable yet comfortable work pack. Plus, there are super-quality YKK zippers to enhance the bag’s longevity.

Nice Storage Option

The Carhartt Legacy backpack is made up of 1 large compartment and 2 smaller pockets. It features a dedicated laptop sleeve that can hold a 15-inch laptop. Speaking of the interior, if you open the front pocket, you can get access to your casual carry on stuff like wallet and phone. 2 traditional side pockets are ideal for water bottle and other easy access items. Thanks to its shoulder straps and padded air mesh back panel, you can carry it for hours without aching your shoulders.

Rain Protector

For more gear protection, this backpack gets you full protection of rain defender to save you against the light rainfall. This will give you peace of mind over the security of your belonging.


  • Durable 1200D polyester
  • Included rain defender
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • 30L storage capacity


  • Some user complain about a slightly smaller size

Overwhelming with functional and US pride beyond belief, the CONDOR EDC Bag is a great addition to your everyday use or work as an individual organizer. With a lightweight design, this bag comes with enough space to store your all necessary gears. It is made of the best materials and carefully builds to maintain the highest level of standards.

General Outlook

Let me start by describing how the bag looks in general. The dimension of main compartment is 7 inches in length, 7.5 inches in height, and 3 inches in width. This place is adequate enough to carry your essentials like water bottle to other things and little enough to easy move. An internal sleeve comes with this compartment.

Even the front pocket has internal sleeves as well. It has a volume of 7x 6.5 x 1 inches, ensuring you to nicely store your stuff. With 1-inch easy release buckle, it comes with closure flap. The smaller zipper on the front pocket allows you to keep sensitive stuff in it like a wallet or phone.

Convenient Webbing

Both sides of the pack, there is webbing which allows you to keep things on. Using the molle straps, you can keep a H2O carrier of Condor here. Plus, it’s assured you that it’s safe enough. Also, it allows you to quick get to your water bottle, ensure you get enough amount of water daily.

Multipurpose Bag

Since the EDC bag is quite small than most large travel bags, so it’s great to bring it the gym and other uses. This great bag is good for concealed carry because you can use different compartment without put off it. Also, it’s great for keeping emergency gears too because of it is obscure with its ordinary look.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Great for daily use


  • Stitches are quite sloppy

Best Everyday Carry Backpack Shopping Guide

The EDC backpack is a super versatile and great type of bag. Here, we are going to discuss the essential factors to consider before choosing your best EDC bag for day-to-day activities. Regardless of the considering features here is a list of features we should avoid while selecting your EDC bag for your needs.

Essential Features to Look For :


We like to suggest choosing the smallest EDC bag that fits your everyday carrying needs. You can look for something that comes with customization option to remove and add spaces are you need to. For instance, MOLLE pouches provide you such customization option and can stand with your requirements.

High-Quality Construction

Do you want to carry your EDC backpack everyday around you? So, you might not want something cheap that going to fall apart on you. This is why invest in a well reputed branded bag that will give you a long lifetime assurance.

Hydration Process

A built-in hydration system will help you to stay hydrated all the way. Meanwhile, it will save your space by minimizing the need to keep a separate water bottle. However, the hydration system is very crucial if you want to cover a large distance with your pack.

Integration of MOLLE

Another valuable feature of any EDC bag is the integration of MOLLE as it opens the wide customization option. Having such a feature in your EDC bag makes it super versatile. Regardless of the bag’s style and size, this one thing will allow you for flexible adaptation as per your requirement.

Corrosion-Resistant Zipper

One of the weak points of any bag is a zipper. You can use them the countless amount of time over the bag’s life. So, it’s important to ensure the quality of zippers that won’t break or stuck.

Also, it’s great to have pulls and zippers that are built from durable aluminum, plastic, or other rust-resistance materials.

If you use the bag every day, then it will be exposed to the elements many times. Over times this will becomes a cause of corrosion. The cheap manufacture zippers will look cut to the corners. The best EDC bag zippers will know the meaning of reliable bag and junk.

Organization Pouches

A good sign has a superior-quality EDC bag instead of a more general bag is that it has an accessible, practical organization, well laid out features into the bag. Usually, the ED bag comes with lots of pockets. They are quite large enough to hold a laptop, plus still be capable to carry your gym clothes, if you need them.

In some cases, front organization compartments come as well to store your keys, wallet, phone, and other smaller items. With all this organization, you will be organized nicely and don’t lose things deeply in your bag.

Adjustable Fit

Everybody has a different body size meaning you don’t need a common size bag that fits everyone. Buying a bag to fit all people becomes a topic of discomfort. So, your EDC bag needs to fit your body perfectly without controlling your movements. Having multiple clips and straps in the following points at efficient

  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Sternum

These 3 adjustable points will ensure that you have a securely fitting bag that you can wear all day long.

Factors to Avoid

As compared to the essential features, it is important to aware of features to avoid whiling choose your best urban backpack.

Elastic Straps

Often this feature minimizes the cost of a cheap bag. Rather creating durable, adjustable padded straps they use cheap elastic straps to make a bag one size but surprisingly fits none. Plus, the elasticity of these will reduce over time which makes the bag hang lower.

Avoid the cost, just look for the hip and shoulder straps with an adjustable buckle for a long-lasting and comfortable fit.

Heavy Bag

Not all the EDC backpacks are building to cover every possible situation. Carefully evaluate your everyday carry needs and try to follow these tips to reduce what stuff you will be carrying,

  • Check your EDC list and see what actually you use on a daily basis and what can cut out.
  • Choose multipurpose gear to save weight and space
  • Find the lightweight items to carry. Items that made from plastics titanium, carbon fiber, and micarta are very easy to handle.
  • If you have the option to choose the size then picks the smaller version. Like knife vs fixed blade, full-size medkit vs small one.

One Big Compartment

Try to avoid choosing EDC bag that has only one big compartment. While you pack your gear in one large compartment it’s going to jumble your gear and become harder to find your EDC items. So you cannot find what you need an emergency.

This is why look for multiple compartment and organization option within the bag for better result.

Why You Need Best EDC Backpack?

Most of us use some kind of bag so you might be thinking about why you need the best EDC backpack. Pretty simple, EDC backpack might use for everyday carry but it would do the trick. Well, you can use it for different purposes,

Everyday Use

For true EDC backpack durability will be paramount. With this pack, you could be comfortable doing anything. You can use this pack in your daily routine, office, gym, work, etc. Since many people have a laptop with them all the time, specific features of a laptop will weigh heavily into this.

Day Hikes

As its name suggest, you want it to be used in day hikes. Trekkers regret having a lot of bag with them and wishing that they had something smaller and better suited for the task. This is what EDC backpack ensures you.


A good EDC backpack can work both as your everyday carry and travel daypack. It can fulfill your needs at home and on the road easily. However, a durable EDC backpack has a bonus feature for airplane and airport use.

Finally one of the main reasons having this EDC backpack is safety. Because this bag allows you to carry various things like a compass, GPS or a concealed firearm, knife, etc.

Wrapping Up

Having the best EDC backpack can certainly make your life much easier, but find the right bag is quite frustrating. To assist you to get something you will like and suit your needs, we did the work for you.

We are trying to narrow down options and choose the best. Read our EDC shopping guide to understand your necessities really are. Actually, there is not best backpack rather choose the one that is one for you. Try to get the one based on your requirements, not your wants.

Hope you find this EDC guide useful. Make sure you will consider all your options and make your informed buying decision.